A Day at the Museum : Yayoi Kusama

Finally the day I’ve been patiently waiting for for a couple months came. It was the day at the museum! This time, Museum Macan presents Yayoi Kusama : Life is The Heart of A Rainbow. So thrilled and enthusiastic for the Museum Tour! As I entered the site, it was an instant “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s right away. Installations of Yayoi’s artworks decorate the empty white rooms and walls of the museum. Although it’s my second time witnessing and enjoying her arts ( previously last year at Singapore National Gallery ), it’s my first time in really taking time to admire her magnificent works. Last year, the time spared for me was very limited since I had an hour left to explore the whole site, so I ended up rushing from one exhibition to another. The exhibitions and installations at Singapore were much more complete than in Museum Macan.

Yayoi Kusama is a living artist who shook the world with this global pop culture she established. Exploring the development of her iconic patterns and themes throughout the years, Life is the Heart of A Rainbow is exhibited. Some of her significant trademarks of elements can be spotted all around, such as dots, nets and pumpkins. Take important notes I’m listing below before visiting, since they have lots of regulations.

1. Plan your visit

Do purchase your tickets at Museum Macan official website. Each ticket will cost you Rp. 100.000. Actually, I just knew on the day that you can purchase it on the spot, but I didn’t research anything about it, so better for you to book via website. On the D-day, you only need to scan the barcode, so E-ticket is totally fine. You don’t need to print it on a paper, and its best to limit paper usage ( save trees!! ). An advice, it’s best for you to visit on weekdays, rather than weekends ( and not public holidays ). Less visitors will be there during weekdays, so you can have a better time enjoying the arts and also the more decent photos you’ll get. Oh! Don’t forget to have a friend to come along with you too, so you can take photos of one another.

2. Personal Belongings

You need to know that lots of things are not allowed in the museum. Firstly, no cameras ( and tripods ) are allowed! They only allow visitors to take pictures through mobile phones ( without flash ). Next, food and drinks are strictly forbidden. Any belongings sized 32 x 24 x 15 cm are not allowed inside the museum. All items mentioned above have to be stored in the cloakroom and you can redeem it once you’ve finished your tour.

3. Recommended Outfits

I suggest you to prepare a monochrome outfit. All the exhibitions are brightly colored with all these patterns and unique objects. Make sure you stand out differently from the artworks.

4. Arts and Installations

All the arts and installations can be enjoyed maximally with your eyes, but photographs are strictly limited by mobile phones. No flash are allowed. Also, a new rule, you need to be barefoot inside the Dots Obsession Room. Another intriguing regulation is, you CANNOT sit on the floor, for a reason that it’s disrespecting. To my opinion, I can’t find any reasonable reason for that, because we step on the floor, why how come it doesn’t count as disrespecting? During my last visit, I sat on the floor and nobody warned me, including the staffs. So I thought it’s totally permitted to sit. But from what I heard, an influencer sat down on the floor at Dots Obsession Room at Museum Macan and posted the snapshot on their platform. Suddenly, he was requested to takedown his photo, for a reason that he violates the museum regulations to not lean on the wall or sit on the floor. Now this one is very controversial and I still don’t know whether it’s actually allowed or not, because it’s not written on the rules, banners, flyers, anywhere. I say try yourself?

Singapore National Gallery, 2017
Museum Macan, 2017


For each visit inside the interactive installation, you’ll be timed. Some 30 seconds, some 3 minutes. So, do be quick ( not running or skipping!! ) in moving and taking pics. No such thing as perfect shot ( unless it’s pure luck ). Just keep snapping photos continuously and just hope you’ll get the most decent shot that is social-media-able.

6. Appreciate the Artist

For every art, I recommend you to not only just take pics. Spend a bit of time reading the message and story behind every artwork, to appreciate the creator.

7. Don’t Miss These Instagrammable Spots!

Top : Hervogue

Clutch : Berrybenka Label

Skirt and Shoes : Hong Kong Local Brand

Most of all, have a LOT OF FUN! I dare to swear and guarantee you’ll laugh a lot, smile brightly, and you’ll leave the museum with a full heart. Well at least I did and it gave me a massive pleasure.



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