Proper skincare is important for all of us, especially girls who has started putting on makeup on their face. It’s exactly precise that skincare is the best investment a girl can have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps maintain our glowing and young skin face. It will prevent us from looking older with a dry and unfresh face with cracked skin in our early age.

On the 25th of January, I attended the launching event of WASO brand, which is the new Shiseido skincare. Every product of WASO has undergone through dermatology and non-comedogenic process that is safety approved. Most of the products are also free from Paraben, Oil, Alcohol and Soap. So, yes, WASO highlights the most natural ingredients possible that can maximize the benefits to our skin. Combining Shiseido’s unique technology which is “Whole cell release system W”, with the best ingredients. It’s inspired by Japanese natural edible ingredients. The key ingredients they use are Carrot, Tofu, Loquat, Honey and White Jelly Mushroom. From all of these ingredients, they designed a miniature set of each of the ingredients.

White Jelly Mushroom Miniature
Carrot Miniature
Tofu ( Soybean Curd ) Miniature
Loquat Leaves Miniature

During the event, they arranged several booths where we can do activities. I first visited the Bento-making booth. We were taught step by step on how to create and decorate a Bento. I never did this before in my life, so it was surely interesting as it was rather hard since some details required a tweezer and a careful hand.

After getting done with the Bento-making, I continued to the next booth where I learned the facts and tried out WASO products. The newly launched products are Fresh Jelly Lotion, Color Smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30 ( also in Oil-free ), Soft + Cushy Polisher, Quick Gentle Cleanser, Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream and Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free.

For me, the most interesting one I tried was the Color Smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30. This moisturizer is ultra-moist and brighten up the skin instantly. The color of the creamy lotion changes automatically when we rub it to our skin, turning light orange. This is actually an amazing skincare solution to make our skin look less pale, glowing and brighter than it was. Another benefit is, this moisturizer can also be used as a makeup base! My second favorite product is Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream. Just like what they name it, this magical cream is super hydrating and soften the skin instantly. The color of the cream itself is clear, so it can blend to any skin and definitely can be applied before or after makeup.

After several days of adding this product to my skincare routine, I do feel that my skin is more moistureized and it certainly feels fresher. Another highlight from WASO skincare products is the natural scent. No overwhelming artificial scent can be smelled when applying the products. Some other benefits of WASO are it helps diminish dark spots and minimize pores on the face. But these certainly takes longer time as it’s pretty much the long-term benefits. Can’t wait to see the progress and results on me!


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