Ultima II Delicate Matte Lipstick

Being a youth ( or at least having a youthful personality ), we could never skip a day without music. Music is the friend who will be there for us through the happy and sad days. We need it to feel relatable, to make our mood better and cheer us up. Same thing goes with lipsticks. I could not leave the house and meeting people without my lipsticks on. It boosts my confidence, uplifts my mood and just helps me become me! Seeing that correlation as two fundamental things in our lives, Ultima II launched 8 new shades of lipsticks and collaborated with Spotify, an audio streaming platform that I bet all of us are familiar with nowadays.

The event went really well and I definitely had a lot of fun, working together as a team with people I just met and even winning the challenges! Our first challenge was to draw anything using the lipsticks and so my team decided to daw music bar and notes, because we believe they are two important aspects in our lives. Next challenge was song-guessing challenge, which I must humbly admit, I am the expert ( LOL ). We all won each speaker from Ultima II, so I can now listen to the 3 playlists they specially created on Spotify for us to enjoy and keep us accompanied daily.

Ultima II has been well-known for its all-natural-ingredients-based products. And not to mention its trademark, as The Collagen Expert. These newly launched lipsticks have a matte finish, but surprisingly doesn’t make our lips dry. Formulated with ingredients like Collagen, Vitamine C & E, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, these products keep our lips moisturized and healthy. They classify these 8 shades into 3 groups; Nude Earthy Shades; Urban Star and Sand Sparkle if you love nude colors for your lips. Or you can try some colors from Romantic Blossom Shades when going out for a romantic dinner with your loved one, like Goddess Pink, Dazzling Violet, dan Wonder Pink. Last, if you are the bold and brave type of person, you should try  Daring Red, Magnatic Mauve, dan Miracle Plum shades from the Brave and Beyond Shades. 

In the era where people don’t want to overcomplicate stuffs and just want things to be easy and simple, Ultima II gets it and therefore made these lipsticks a transversal products! Believe it or not, these are applicable on you face as a blush, eyes as eyeshadows and of course, lips as lipsticks. Unlike other products though, they don’t clump when you apply it as eyeshadow and blush. What I’m saying is, it’s really perfect for you who loves to travel or simply an outgoing person who doesn’t want to bring too many products along the way.

For the price, you don’t need to worry because it’s pretty adorable. By paying only as little as Rp. 110.000, you can get the lipstick at the nearest Ultima II counter in most Department stores.



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