Meet Me in : TAIWAN – TAICHUNG ( pt.3 )

In my last visit to Taiwan, I stayed in Taichung for 2 days and 2 nights. On my last day here, I’ve organized a trip to Lukang Old Street. As Taiwan is familiar with historical constructions, a local recommended this tourism attraction to me. Off we went to the district, and it probably took 45 minutes to get there. The area was fascinating, there’s quite a lot to see and to eat. The alleyways were oriental and made us feel like we’re back to Taiwan in the old days. Unfortunately, I spotted some stalls not opening since it was Monday, and most Mondays people are still off from work here.

Tip : Going to Lukang, it’s better to hire a car rather than Taxi. Taxi is not so oftenly spotted around Lukang. If you’re still insisting, better to make a round way trip with the Taxi driver.

I’ll recap the famous Taiwanese street food and snacks I tried in the streets.

1. Cartwheel Pies

This snack is a sweet cake with an eggy batter enclosing a sweet red bean filling, sandwiched between two soft and spongy cakes. Best eaten warm, and with the very generous red-bean filling is absolutely yumm.

2. Oyster Omelette

Oyster Omelette can easily be found everywhere in the streets. This savory dish is rather translucent and has a sticky texture resulted from the corn starch. Inside the goo, an egg, oysters, bean sprouts and oyster. Finally, the omelette is drenched in a rich sweet and sour ketchup-based sauce that is so thick and delicious.

3. 7 – Eleven Ice Cream

This Ice Cream has got to be the tastiest ice cream on a stick I’ve tasted so far, honestly. The crunchy bits on top of the thin chocolate coating was to die for! The ice cream itself was Milk Coffee-flavored. Everything about this ice cream was just perfect, I craved for it instantly after finishing one. Unfortunately, I failed to remember taking a picture of the packaging. Although I remember that its packaging was a paper box.

Spent half of the day wandering at Lukang, its finally time for us to get back to the city. On the way to the hotel, we spotted a huge shopping mall with this beautiful gigantic lighten up Christmas tree! If you’re looking for branded stuffs, you can visit these 2 large shopping malls located at downtown Taichung. So these 2 malls are located side-by-side, one’s name was Top City Shopping Mall.

Tip : Directing a taxi driver in English is very difficult, since 80% can’t speak nor read English at all. So be prepared and make sure to write or show your destinations in Mandarin characters.

Not spending a long time at the area, we immediately took off to Yizhong Street. It’s one of the well-known and biggest night market besides FengJia. The place features a wide range of fashion clothing, food stalls, accessories and gadgets all at affordable prices. If I got only one night to explore a market, I most probably will choose Yizhong Street, simply because they have more fashion stores in the area. So it all depends on whether what you’re aiming to find in the market, whether food or clothing. If you go for food, then I suggest FengJia Night Market since they have more delicious food options.



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