Tupperware Classy Crystalline

Are you looking for fancy tablewares to fill up your ktichen and dining area? Then Tupperware Classy Crystalline is the perfect solution for you! Must say I am thankful for Clozette Indonesia team for the opportunity to get my hands on these and review it as well!

With an elegant and classy design, Tupperware has launched a vibrant all-Peach collection to please your eyes. The Classy Crystalline collection itself ranges from glass to serving platters as I’ll be reviewing one by one here.

Now I personally think that these are long-term investments, because Tupperware lasts forever, as you’ve already known for sure! There is a lifetime warranty included after every purchase. Also safe for every household with young members, because even though this Classy Crystalline is as transparent as Crystal, it is still made of plastic and it won’t break into sharp shards if it falls. And the plastic material is safe for food ( food grade ) and reheatable in the microwave.

The whole set in this collection consists of;

  • Classy Crystalline Soup ServerClassy
  • Classy Crystalline Oval Server 
  • Classy Crystalline Saucy Server
  • Classy Crystalline Serving Platter
  • Bonus : 4 Classy Crystalline Serving Spoon
  • 4 Classy Crystalline Plates
  • 4 Classy Crystalline Low Glasses ( with cover )
  • 4 Classy Crystalline Bowls
  • Classy Crystalline Jug ( with cover )

The serving containers are fairly large in size and can fit dishes in a big quantity enough for a family of 4 or more! It is able to store hot food like soups, a whole chicken, vegetables or any menu served. Even you can serve a whole pudding or any other dessert for the whole family to devour! Also loving the fact that every platter comes with a matching cover and a serving spoon.

Meanwhile for the plates, I really like the design that is slightly concave ( sink down to 2.5 cm ) with a flat surface at the bottom. The shape is square with 25.7 cm in diameter. You can actually eat main meals on this plate, or even serve cakes / fruits on this plate.

Bowls in this collection comes in fairly small sizes, 11.2 cm in diameter and 6 cm deep that is perfect to store 250 ml liquid. The semi-transparent material looks very sophisticated, especially with this peach color. The bowl itself is ideal to store soup or dessert for personal serving.

Coming next are the glasses. The size of each glass is 230 ml / 7.9 x 7.9 x 6.4 cm. Quite small in size, so young kids will be able to use this glass comfortably. I must say the grip is nice since it’s slightly angled and not slippery. So in love with the cover that can either be the lid or the coaster so it doesn’t get get slippery and move around the table.

Last but not least is the jug, that looks very tall and sleek. Ideal to store water, juice or any fancy beverage to be shared!

This Tupperware Classy Crystalline in Peach will bring warmth to you home and will bring the family closer during meal times. It will also impress guests who are coming over to dine, cause first impression matters! So there’s no reason not to have the full range at home. Click here to browse the whole Tupperware collections and make your purchase today!

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