Sounds of Spring

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

Lately, I am going through a season full of trials and blessings. It’s quite a rough road to go through, but I appreciate every single thing, since it only made me stronger than ever. Just like all living creatures after surviving the deathening cold of Winter, we too, have to be able to survive the trials and move forward.

Spring season is in the verge of its cycle. I love the season since it’s the time when flowers start to bloom again after going through the harshness cold of Winter. To celebrate the season, you can wear floral-printed fashion items in less bright colors. Spring is not yet about popping bright colors, so look for some muted tones.

Photo by Indy Hizkia

Matching a casually comfortable top in floral prints, with a short destructed denim jeans. As Spring season is a transition between Winter to Summer, it’s proper to add a medium-weight outerwear. An outer of suede is enough to cover me up in this weather. I tried experimenting with different additional accessories which was quite simple actually, but turned out to be a quite significant style shift. I achieved a casual-street look with the outfit + white lace shoes + half moon shaped sunnies. Secondly, I went full-on girly with a maroon slip on + rose gold sunnies. Which style do you think fits me best?

Photo by Indy Hizkia

Top and Outer : Local Brand

Denim Shorts : Yuan Clothing

White Lace Shoes : Amazara

Maroon Slip ons : Berrybenka Label

Sunwears : Loosh

Photo by Vallian Litandy

I have an obsession towards cute accessories lately, and you can clearly see it in my footwear. This slip-on is my current favorite, with velvet material and a delicately carved colorful embroidery with a bit of a bling.

Photo by Vallian Litandy

A less conventional sunglasses without much of a function, but still looks very cute to up my OOTD!

Photo by Vallian Litandy

“She blossomed in the tiny moments when she could feel her spirit reaching for the sun.”

Mark Anthony


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