SORCHA Highlighter

“OOOHH them blinding highlights!” came from a person I met when I tried on this SORCHA highlighter. My first ever try and I already got that kind of compliment. So far, the highlighter that I’ve been using daily comes in a palette. So it’s not too convenient for me to bring it anywhere I go, especially when I’m in a rush. It’s just not too efficient, I think. Worry no more though, SORCHA’s higlighter comes in this sleek small packaging in the prettiest color of Rose Gold.

SORCHA offers a classy, glam, alluring, and high quality cosmetic line. The name comes from Irish and Scottish Gaelic that means “bright”.

Some of you may not understand about higlighters in general. Highlighter is created to ( just like the name ), highlight the parts you want to highlight and to create a glowing look. Usually, the areas people tend to highlight are;

Under the brow bone.

Apple of the cheek.

Bridge of the nose.

Inner corner of the eye.

Diagonal along the cheekboneyelid.

I was given to try Natuna shade of higlighter, which I think the color was more into warm rather than cold. They have in total of 4 shades; Natuna, Wildrose, Kiss and Uluwatu.

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With just one brushstroke, the color was already poppin’! And you know what’s even better? You don’t need to worry about the cost, since it’s very pocket-friendly! With only Rp. 185.000, you can get this highlighter that comes in a gorgeous, sleek packaging in Rose gold color with a mirror inside! Not forgetting to mention that the quality is top notch. For instant shopping, just click HERE to be redirected to their Shopee account. Let’s get them GLOW!


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