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Hello Babes, I have a VERY exciting news for all you makeup enthusiast! I have just collaborated with Sociolla and they just gave me a special promo code that I can use to get 50,000 IDR off for every minimum purchase of 250,000. AND you know what’s even BETTER? YOU CAN ALSO USE THE CODE TO GET THE DISCOUNT!! (I’ll share it below, okay? So, keep up with the rest of this blogpost to see what I just purchased with the promo code!)

It’s just in time for me to shop for beauty products since I almost ran out of a few daily makeup essentials. Therefore, I’ve planned out to purchase a few products. So the first thing I got for myself was Maybelline FitMe Matte Poreless Powder (154,900 IDR). This product is ideally worn by people with normal to oily skin, while help pores to virtually disappear. For the shade itself, I went for the usual shade which is Buff Beige 130 because I have a pale skin, with just a hint of tan. Overall, I’m loving the matte finish mostly, since it can cover the oil on my face.

Having another 95,100 IDR left to spend on, I decided to look for an Eye Primer. I’ve always used just a normal skin Primer by Urban Decay for my eyeshadow base, but I decided it’s time to buy a Primer specially for my eyes. Searching for Eye Primer, a product by MIZZU : Eye Base Essentials popped up. It’s pretty affordable, which only costs 60,000 IDR. Having a slight doubt over the quality, I looked it up for user’s reviews. After skimming through honest reviews, I concluded that the product is a good one, and one of the best feature is the brush applicator. Without a doubt, I added it to my shopping bag.

When I was about to check out, I realized that the total amount of my order was 214,900 IDR. Thought a while of what else I’m needing, and couldn’t think of any. So I decided to just view the Lipstick Products. Scrolling for a while, I stumbled upon a product from MAKE OVER : Intense Matte Lip Cream (100,000 IDR). I’m always a fan of a matte-finish lipstick, and I’ve heard some positive reviews of this product from a few relatives. Actually, I’ve been eyeing for a Brown tone of Lipstick. My eyes caught on this Pompous Shade which has a pretty brownish color.

So by then, the total amount of orders in my Shopping Bag was 314,900 IDR before discount. After discount, it’s 264,900 IDR (including shipping, because it’s free). I went slightly over the budget, but it’s fine, I got everything I was looking for.

If any of you would like to shop at Sociolla and get a discount like I did, when checking out, look for a box in the left corner with a “USE VOUCHER CODE” text written inside the box. Type my code “SBNLAAC3” inside, click “APPLY”, then the engine will automatically calculate the total amount after getting discounted by 50,000 IDR. Plus, you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING for a minimum amount of 200,001 IDR (after discount). So, do you really have to wait and hesitate to shop for your beauty needs now? GO SHOP!!

PS : You can always see my promo code in the banner in the right widget area on my blog with this image.



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