Shu Uemura RD 163 Lipstick

“What is this?” Was the word when I walked pass through the dodgy entrance towards the venue where they held the Grand Launching of Shu Uemura’s RD 163 Lipstick. The event was unlike any I’ve attended before, surely one of the most memorable one. It was a legit pretty cool secret underground club! Totally felt like a special secret agent attending a super secret meeting.

Without it being as serious though, there were several booths for fun activities in which we can play for fun with friends! There were photobooth, throwing hoops and pouch drawing. We really had a lot of fun time!

Basically I was invited to celebrate the launching of Shu Uemura’s Limited Edition lipstick, RD 163 shade. As you might have known already, Red has been Shu Uemura’s DNA. Red means Passion, Fire and Power. Previously, they have launched many red shades, but this one is special and different. They call it the “Perfect Shade”, with the perfect balance of yellow and blue tone in it. Tested on as many as 3000 Asian women, this lipstick is proven to suit any kind of skintones, be it yellow, white, pale, you mention the rest.

Applying this lipstick on your lips will instantly bring out the bolder version of you. Don’t worry though, if you’re the kind of person who’s not really confident of applying such bold color on your lips, Shu Uemura is thoughtful enough to launch 3 kind of finishes for RD 163; Lacquer, Satin and Matte. You can choose which one suits you and your personality best. Me personally, I love applying matte lipstick for a full lips effect. I don’t really like a gloss finish on my lips. But if you do, I suggest you to go with Lacquer for the perfect shine. If you’re somewhere in the middle of Matte and Gloss, they also have the the perfect product which is the Satin finish of RD 163. The texture of the lipsticks are very light and smooth. So pigmented on the lips, and totally brings out the best in you.

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