It was an absolutely fun day last Sunday as I was invited to attend the launching event of Shinzu’i Ume Body Mist. The event was held in 3 Wise Monkeys Restaurant and we were all served with lots of food since the start until the end, seriously. I think we spent more time eating than doing activities. Also, I felt ecstatic meeting new friends who shared the same hobby and interest with me. Soon enough we just clicked and had a marvelous time together. Before sharing further about the fun time and body mists, I’ll share a bit about Shinzu’i.

Shinzu’i has been widely known for its skin care products and has been massively used daily by people in Indonesia. Their products vary from body scrub, soap, body cleanser, body lotion and facial wash. Recently, they’ve just launched its new Body Mists to the market. With a natural flower scent base, this body mist is mainly dedicated for teenagers to complete them on a daily basis so they can be fragrant and cheerful every moment. Not only looking good, but it’s crucial as well for girls to smell delicate. The newly launched body mist is shaped as a Japanese Kokeshi doll which is extra cute and unique! No one will expect this cute doll-shaped bottle to be a perfume. The packaging really was the winner, because not only that it is adorable, but also sturdy. So even if it accidentally fell, it won’t be wrecked  With a travel-sized bottle, I can easily bring it along everywhere with me, especially when going out the whole day or when I travel.

The body mists from Shinzu’i Ume came in 4 variants; Iseya, Keiko, Ayumi and Hatsune. Each one has its own special scent and has its own characteristics and unique identities. First up, Iseya is a sweet girl who loves art and craft. The fragrance of Iseya comes from floral and sweet fruit. Secondly, Keiko is an elegant and flowery cat-girl who has a thing with ballet, volunteering and traveling. Keiko smells rather flowery and sweet which is soft and musky. Next is Ayumi, she’s a pretty girl who is stylish in a sporty way. She loves cheerleading, beauty vlogging and team sports. As for the scent, Ayumi’s fragrance comes from flower and berries which is sweet and fresh. Last one, Hatsune is a girl with a preppy style who loves reading, studying and getting involved in science club. Hatsune’s fragrance comes from fruits which resulted a fresh scent.

Following the session of body mists knowledge, there was a clutch-making activity. We were taught on how to make a unique clutch from a piece of plastic only with nail, glue and screws as the tools. So first, the plastic should be folded until the shape becomes envelope-like. Then, holes should be made using nails at the corners for the edges to stick together and hold its shape to store items. When 4 screws have been fastened, the clutch is ready for the next step; decoration! We decorated the clutch using beadings and gems, that is applied to the clutch with glue. I love the sparkling final result after it’s decorated. What’s best was that all 4 body mists fit the clutch!

Wrapping up the launching event, I had a wonderful day with beautiful cheerful people surrounding me. Good quality and tasty Japanese food made the event more enjoyable. The ultimate highlight of the day was me winning the Best Post Competition in which I got a gold necklace. So blessed and grateful! Shinzu’i Ume Body Mist’s concept is very creative and interesting since I can relate to the body mist from the characteristics given. Although according to the characteristics I feel like relating more to Iseya, but I love Hatsune fragrance the most because it is fresh and slightly sweet. Now there’s no more fuss and worrying about smelling bad, because I can stay fragrant and fresh throughout the day thanks to Shinzu’i! You can grab yours at the closest Mini Market and Supermarket to you. Stay fresh and fragrant, girls!


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