NYU Hair Color

My whole life, I’ve always been an Overthinker. So it’s always a constant battle when it comes to making decisions. Coloring my hair is definitely one of the goal in my wish list, but it always comes with a doubt, because I’ve heard people getting their hair damaged and unhealthy after coloring their hair. After a bit of research, I discovered that the chemical ingredient inside hair dye named Ammonia is the cause behind hair damage. To be able for the color in hair dye to be absorbed by our hair, it has to break through a barrier, a natural hair protection, the cuticle. The ammonia in hair dye lifts the cuticle up to let the chemical molecules of the dye in. The exciting news I’m about to dig further in this blogpost is the hair dye without ammonia; NYU.

One highlight of NYU Hair Dye is the nonexistent stinging smell that most hair coloring products have, caused by Ammonia. This is actually the reason why I’ve been so scared of dyeing my hair my whole life. I have a virgin hair that hasn’t been chemically treated ( dyed, bleached or colored ) before. I don’t think it is worth getting my hair damaged only to get it colored.¬†Enriched with Super Fruit Extracts like Apple, Kiwi and Strawberry, NYU protects hair from damage when coloring and also give a fragrant, natural and comforting smell. Purchasing the product, I discovered that it’s actually an all-in-one package that contains hair dye, developer, vitamin oil, gloves, hair brush and also the complete product guide and description.

The color I decided to pick to suit my style was Caramel. I used 2 packages for my hair because I have a long and quite thick hair. Since my original hair color is pure black and I didn’t bleach my hair before applying the hair dye, the color seems very natural on my hair, even better than what I had expected. I initially expected for a natural brown hair, but I had predicted that the color won’t really be absorbed by my dark black hair. By that, I opted for Caramel instead, and I was right! The final result of my hair after applying looks naturally dark brown, especially under the sunlight. One thing I realized after having a lighter and brigther hair color, is that it gives dimension and depth to my hair, especially when it’s curled.

And this is the appearance when it’s straight, under direct sunlight. Love the beaming glow!

Enhancing my confidence, I feel satisfied with NYU hair dye because it is kind to my hair as well. Now, I feel very open-minded to color my hair using NYU and try to see which color suits me best with my style and personality. NYU allows anyone to very easily dye their hair, at the comfiest place anyone could imagine, their home. In the video below, you can see how easy it is to apply the hair dye on your own!


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