MEET ME IN : TAIWAN ( pt.1 )

Opening the new month of December, I visited Taiwan. With various legacies and histories, its adventurous landscape and spirited traditions of Asian sophistication lingers. Taiwan is well-known for its food, and it’s meant to be a culinary trip for us actually, because my family loves ( repeat : LOVES ) to eat. In Jakarta, you can easily spot Taiwanese desserts and snacks everywhere. Since I haven’t been there before and was very curious about this country, my family and I booked our tickets.

So off we flew to Taiwan, and we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at seven in the evening. Since it’s dinnertime already and we were starving, we decided to have dinner in a local Taiwanese restaurant. A friend of us took us to a local restaurant called Shin Yeh. The meals tasted a bit weird for me, I wasn’t really a fan of the spices they put into the meals. But the highlight of the dinner, was their clams and pan-fry fish. They just boil the clams and cooked it in a sweet sauce. For the fish, it was delicious because the fish was fresh, and tender. With a squeeze of a lemon, it was perfect.

Early in the morning, we set off to Yehliu Geopark located in the north coast of Taiwan. The attraction is well-known for the naturally formed geological formation shaped as a Queen’s Head. I was quite devastated because it was raining when I came there and the wind was blowing hard as well. So basically we all looked like a mess in photos. That’s your risk when you go on holidays during winter season. Another disappointment was I originally thought that the formation would be huge as in pictures, but shocked was I when I saw that it was really small like a miniature. At least we’ve been there.

For lunch, we were taken to a street similar to a wet market with Chinese temples in the area. There, we had lunch at a famous local restaurant that was always jam-packed full during lunch and dinner. The concept of the restaurant was interesting, so we got to pick up any dish we want from the kitchen and take it to our table located in a different building across the kitchen. They’re famous for their Chinese Poached Duck and indeed it was really delicious. Other than that, I really liked their wet noodle and fried tofu that was so juicy and soft.

Afterwards, we set off to the western tip of Taiwan, Fisherman’s Wharf. The spot’s located in Tamsui District, which has several attractions like Tamsui Lover’s Bridge, Tamsui Old Street and also Tamsui River. In Tamsui Old Street, you can find lots of street food and shops and is very fun to visit at night. Spend some time walking along the riverside enjoying some snack and enjoy the chilly night with loved ones.

After spending some time there, we continued to the next destination for dinner at an authentic local Taiwanese restaurant. The restaurant was comfy and food was great, especially their Scallion Pancake and Pecking Duck. Definitely worth all that calories.

Because the night was still long for us, we managed to visit a night market. The name was Ximending and it’s literally across the hotel we stayed in, so it’s very convenient. The market was full of people although it’s weekdays. After spending some time walking around, we spotted two of the stalls that we’re actually eyeing for. One of them was 50 Lan Bubble Drink. Heard some good recommendations about their bubble drink so I ordered their best-selling beverage, Big Bubble Milk Tea. Although I don’t quite like Milk Tea, theirs was special. The taste was perfect and the bubble was the perfect consistency. Finished the whole cup myself just because it was that good. Another stall we found was Ay-Chong Rice Noodles. The people in line was pretty crazy. They only have one menu but seeing the queue like that, it must be special! I was too full to eat, so my family just shared a portion. They said it was good, but not as good as what people had said.

Along our way home through the stores, we saw a store that sell souvenirs. The staffs were friendly and they had testers for the snacks. The price was a good deal, so if you’re looking for local snacks souvenirs, you definitely can find this shop located near 50 Lan.

It was very late at night, time to get back to rest and hibernate to refill our energy for the next day!


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