Meet Me in : TAIWAN – TAICHUNG ( pt.2 )

In my earlier blogpost, I shared my first and second day staying in Taipei, Taiwan. Third day in Taiwan, we woke up early to catch our HSR train ride to Taichung. Once arrived at our hotel, we had breakfast in a small restaurant close to our hotel that served Rice Noodles as their specialty. The noodle’s texture was tender. The sauce they put was tasty and quite sweet. Didn’t try the pork katsu because I don’t eat pork, but my family said it’s pretty good. Too bad the vegetables weren’t fresh and too soggy, although the taste was quite good.

Our initial plan for the rest of the day was to visit Xinshe Sea of Flowers. I’ve been looking it up on the internet and the attraction was really gorgeous. The garden’s literally filled with colorful flowers all around and I could only wonder how nice it looks in real life. Unfortunately, there was a bad news from the site. We’re pretty devastated by the news that the site was somehow closed. Didn’t get a full explanation on why it was closed, but without wasting any more time, we changed plan and decided to go to Xinshe Castle instead. It was a long drive to the place, took us almost 2 hours just to go there. Entering Xinshe district, we noticed many stores that sell mushrooms. We stopped by at one store and bought some since the price of the mushrooms in Indonesia and Hong Kong were relatively higher than it is in Xinshe. Apparently, we’ve been told by our driver that Xinshe is famous for producing mushrooms.

Shortly, we arrived at the castle and the scenery was CAPTIVATING! It felt as if like we’re not in Taiwan. The pink flowers took us straight away to Japan and the old castle reminded us of the abandoned European vintage buildings. Actually, the area of the site was huge, but our time was short there. So we only managed to spend around 1,5 hours to explore the area. There were parks, cafes, restaurants, mini waterfall, pond, castle and interesting constructions inside. Purchasing the ticket, we’re given a coupon worth 100 Taiwan Dollars that we can spend on drinks. We had 2 choices, Black Tea or Smoked Plum Juice. Black Tea sounded boring, so I chose Smoked Plum Juice instead. Tasted somewhat sour and weird actually, really not suitable for my palette. Thankfully, we’re greeted by a nice sunny weather there, only a slight rain when we’re about to leave so the photos I took still look very decent.

So we proceeded to leave the site to visit one of the biggest night market in Taichung, which was FengJia. This night market, as others, were so bustling and alive at night. People packed the place to enjoy the street food, shopping, playing games and some even just walk around to enjoy the great vibe. Clothes were relatively cheap here, which is such a plus point! Shop til you drop, hey?

Walking around finding souvenirs and goods for people consumed energy so much so I decided to stop by at a stall with a big “MINGLUN Pancake” written on the banner. Truth be told, at first we were drawn by the long queue of people! Then we saw what’s on their menu and they only had one thing on it; Pancake. However, their pancake was unique since they had tasty sauces we can pick from. We chose their signature sauce and it was amazingly tasty. Worth the wait after all!

Along the street, I spotted a stall selling Korean Glazed Fried Chicken with Tteok-bokki ( rice cake ). The chicken drumsticks was fully drenched with the sauce which made it so tender and juicy. While for the Tteok-bokki, the consistency was unlike usual ones, similar to a mochi texture, but I honestly liked it better that way. By far this was the best savory food I’ve eaten during this trip!

During our walk, we found a dessert shop and guess who’s excited? ME. I am always a sweet-tooth so seeing a dessert shop never fails to light me up. This shop served Traditional Taiwanese desserts. Traditional Taiwanese cold desserts usually consists of Shaved Ice, Mochi, Boba, Sweet Rice Dumplings, Grass Jelly, Red Bean, Ice Cream and Puddings. Their menu was in Mandarin, which I can’t speak nor comprehend, but they did provide pictures so it really helped us deciding what we’d have. Needless to say, both of the desserts that I ordered tasted REALLY GOOD and fresh for real! Try their Black Sesame and Peanut Mochi, one is never enough.

To sum up, when in Taichung, visiting FengJia Night Market is absolutely amust. You wouldn’t wanna miss this crowded fun place filled with great entertainments! Plus, the food selections are almost endless. Just prepare for the splurges and your taste buds to be pampered.


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