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Malaysia was my recent vacation destination. I just got home recently from there where I spent a short 4 days of vacation with my family. I often went back and forth to Malaysia because my sister studied there. Last time, we spent 3 nights in Sunway Clio Hotel. The 4 stars hotel is definitely worth to consider staying if you decided to stay in Sunway area. The main higlight of the hotel which makes it desirable for people to stay is that it’s connected to Sunway Pyramid Mall. Rooms are spacious and very nicely designed for ultimate comfort. They have facilities such as fitness gym, swimming pool and a cafe. Loving their breakfast buffet so much because they offer deliciously cooked Western, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian meals.

During my brief vacation though, I have managed to visit several different places that I’d like to share with you guys! Most of the recommendations are related to food and fashion. So below, I’m sharing 4 of the places I highly recommend for you to visit when in Malaysia.

1. Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square is a must-visit shopping mall during your stay in Malaysia, especially if you are a shop-a-holic who loves to hunt for clothes with best deal. There’s a lot of stores which sell trending clothes with a very low price there. Truth be told, I love cheap items and I don’t mind to wear those at all. The challenge in fashion that I really love is to elevate those cheap items and make them look expensive.

I understand men may not enjoy shopping as much as women do, but no worries, there are cafes and restaurant too there. I do highly recommend this small cafe named Hui Lau Shan. This cafe serves mango-based desserts. It’s very obvious mango is the biggest food trend currently in Indonesia. One dessert you shouldn’t be missing out on in Hui Lau Shan is named Mango Pop Pop. The natural fresh sweetness of the mango chunks, ice cream and juice is so mouthwatering. Then topped with mini popping bubbles that I promise will leave you craving for more!!

2. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Being KL’s haute couture shopping centre in Bukit Bintang, this mall is a must-visit! There’s a selection of brands, including those of the luxury brands. The location is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and very close to Twin Tower as well, you can literally walk there through a connection way. Across the mall, there are other entertainment sights such as Sephora and Fahrenheit 88 Mall.

The food court located at the basement gives you a lot of dining options where you can pick from. During my last visit, I had lunch at Dragon-i Peking Duck. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as what I expected it to taste like. Some dish were a bit bland and too oily for my liking.

Basically the area around the mall is very pretty and photogenic, reminds me a lot of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! So many OOTD corners around here.

3. Puchong Setia Walk

Setia Walk is located in Pusat Bandar Puchong. Here, you can find different restaurant options such as Korean, Western, Japanese and Chinese. There are also bistros and pubs to enjoy nightlife. Since we only came there for dinner, we decided it to be a Korean BBQ night. There were several different Korean restaurants, but to be our first visit there, we just randomly picked a restaurant to eat.

Apparently that decision was the best we’ve made all day. The name of the restaurant is Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ. Korean restaurant is identical with their complimentary side dishes. They have one that looks like a stir-fry veggie stem with anchovies and was definitely the winner! We probably asked for a refill 7 times or so. Their complimentary salad is also real fresh and appetizing. We ordered a lot of dish but still managed to finish all of them because it’s too delightful. I suggest you to order their steamed egg. It’s texture is so fluffy and delicate. Ordering Japchae is also mandatory. Try mixing the noodle with the Gochujang sauce for extra goodness. We all ended up being in a food comma in the end, but honestly had no regret whatsoever.

4. Sunway Pyramid Mall

Sunway Pyramid is one of the biggest mall in Kuala Lumpur as it comprises over 900 outlets. This mall is Egyptian-themed inside and out. The outer appearance of the mall is shaped as a lion sculpture, with Pharaoh statues and two domes. The mall consists of several shopping divisions, which are Fashion Central, Oasis Boulevard, Asian Avenue and Marrakesh. My favorite division has got to be Asian Ave. This is definitely shopper’s safe haven. Fashion outlets everywhere as far as your eyes can see. And the clothes are pretty affordable as well. So in love.

Inside the mall, there are great affordable Japanese restaurants. The best and most affordable one I’ve tried so far is Sushi Zanmai. I really recommend you to order the Kaiso to Tofu Salad with Sushi Zanmai dressing. The silky tofu was so delicate and the dressing was SO good it elevated the simple dish to another level. Tamago Mentai and Yakisoba are also worth to try, those are the the tastiest out of other dishes we ordered. The queue is always so long during dinnertime and lunchtime, don’t be surprised. What I can promise is it’ll definitely be worth it!


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