Masami Professional

Who here never heard of Masami Shouko? I bet most of you have. Its reputation in the beauty industry is high already. Many beauty influencers and makeup artists use this brand and their products! And what do they say about it? THEY LOVE IT!

So Masami has just launched their new products with the latest series: Masami Professional. As a celebration, I was invited to Soiree: Masami Professional Product Launching which was held at SKYE, on a Tuesday afternoon. The place was beautifully decorated in Red and Black since the theme was Bold. It was attended by big people in the beauty industry, mostly beauty enthusiasts.

Arriving there, I was greeted by the ushers and was immediately led to a table where they displayed their newly launched brushes. To be completely honest, before the event, I never tried using their brushes. Although I use their Beauty Blender Sponge occasionally. So I was genuinely surprised of how smooth the bristles are. It’s very fine indeed. If you’re looking for a high quality brush to create an even and flawless makeup application, or to complete your luxurious makeup tools collection, then Masami Professional is the perfect choice for you!

It was then continued with Beauty Demos by @vamakeupartist and @gelangelicca. These ladies are big in the industry and they are very talented as well! During the event, we’re also served by SKYE several delicious light bites and cold beverages to cool us from the scorching heat outside.

Followed by an activity of drawing on a box, we had a lot of fun time pouring our creativity on it. So the box was already prepared for us with a base drawing of a simple woman face by We’re given a pencil, a brush and Black & Gold paints. With those tools, we were free to draw on the face however we want it to be. So I just highlighted the eyeliner, brows, and lips with Gold color and the pupil with Black. Oh and I also drew a wavy hair!

At the event, I had a lot of fun with my friends and also gaining new lovely ones. From the event, I received a few products such as BCL Clearlast  Face Powder High Cover, BCL Browlash Ex Eyebrow Pencil + Liquid and Facemask. I had a blast and I can’t wait for the next event (and to meet my fellow friends!).


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