You all know how Make Over is constantly working on new products with the best formula from time to time to satisfy your beauty needs. And this time, they have launched a lip product that is best for your dry lips. Presenting you MAKE OVER Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip!

Personally, the Hydrastay line suits me best because my skin and lips are considered dry and I know it needs extra hydration or else cracks will appear and worsen things. Just like the other products from this line, the Smooth Lip Whip is designed with a Hydra-smooth formula, which means that it’s infused with deep hydrating actives, suitable for dry lips. It can smoothen cracked lips and soften the dry lips, thus minimizing the appearance of lip lines significantly cause it will fill in cracks of chapped dry lips for a smooth blurred out look.

For the finish, it’s not fully matte. It has a velvet blurry finish, which is really nice when applied on the lips cause it will still create a full matte lips appearance but healthy-looking! Another thing that I love is that it glides really smoothly during application, and is not patchy. So 5 stars for it!

Speaking more of the formula, it is creamy with an intense colorstorm pigments. Meaning it is VERY pigmented! In total, there are as much as 12 colors that you can pick based on your liking and/or your skintone. Ranging from Red, Pink, Peach, Orange, Brown, and Nude/Neutral. Here I have with me 3 colors; C01 Grace ( Pink ), C02 Ballad ( Pink ), and C07 Soiree ( Peach ).

C01 Grace ( Pink ) – Bright pink finish, makes your teeth looks much whiter and lips pop!
C02 Ballad ( Pink ) – Pink mixed with plum. This is for you who likes a darker lips color.
C07 Soiree ( Peach ) – Fresh & Fun! Somewhere between pink and orange.

Hard for me to pick which color I like the most, but I think I’ll go with Ballad probably because I don’t usually have this kind of color in my collection. And apparently it suits my skin ( and current outfit in frame! )

All in all, from the bottom part of my heart, I can totally recommend this product to many! Especially those of you having issues with dry / cracked lips. So worth the purchase since it’s only 105.000! Make a purchase and I bet you won’t regret this decision 😉


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