LOOKBOOK : White on White

Before reading, believe in this mirror.

In the last post, I shared my cafe-hopping day at PIK. That day I was feeling quite girly. So for my makeup, I tried to keep it quite simple and soft with a mixture of pink and brown eyeshadow, loads of blush, and a peachy pink lipstick. I also did my hair with big curls.

Some people actually DM-ed me on instagram asking where I got my top. Psstt.. I made it myself! Last week I just got bored of the clothes in my closet but I didn’t feel like purchasing another clothing. So I searched for fabrics in my inventory at home. Apparently, I was surprised because I have a lot of fabrics folded nicely in a huge cabinet at home. It’s been a while since the last time I draft a pattern and sew garments, so why not practice it again?

I had chosen to use a white cotton mix fabric that was only around less than a meter left. So I considered about what design of clothing would I use. Since I needed a new top, so I decided to make a top then. But then the fabric was so limited, and I could only use it to make a semi crop-top with short sleeves. I didn’t want the end result to look like a plain white top, so I made it assymetrical. Also, I found a black fabric that weighs more or less the same as the white one, so I made use of it to make a flounce that I sandwiched between the bodice and the sleeve.

Once the top was done, the next quest is to pair it with the bottom. Searching through my closet, I found a white skirt culottes. Thankfully the white color was very similar with the top. The dilemma I always had was the “slight” difference of tones. Although it’s named white, the tones differ. Broken white, off-white, ghost white, smoke white, and others. It didn’t look nice if I pair off-white with broken white, it just will look so off.

For the shoes, I wore a strap heel with ankle strap and crossing strap at the foot. Since I’m 5′, I always try to wear heels or shoes with platforms whenever possible, just to add my confidence level a bit. Although sometimes walking all day with it may hurt. But beauty is pain. Gotta enjoy the pain.

Top : self-made

Skirt Culottes : Beatrice Clothing

Strap Heels : Local Brand Hong Kong


Pictures lensed by : Yoel Septianto



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