Tulle is a lightweight fabric that is very sheer and has been oftenly used to make clothing for special occasions such as veils, gowns and ballet tutus. Recently though, there’s a massive trend going on with Tulle. Not only worn as garments stated above, but more to a casual everyday outfit. The tulle takeover is REAL and in full swing! But could you really wear it to a non-formal events and pull it off in a very casual look?

The question is how can you wear tulle without looking like a wannabe princess? Well, the actual trick here is to ditch much of the extras that is related to being extra formal like too much sparkles, glitter, beadings and blings. Instead, take a piece of Tulle clothing with minimum sparkly ornaments and pair it with clothing that’s suitable for daily occasions such as tees, sweaters, shirt, mules, overalls, sneakers, etc.

I created my own twist in wearing tulle for Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. For the event, I first picked a white sheer dress of Tulle I purchased online recently. Because it is a transparent fabric and wasn’t appropriate for me to wear it on a semi-formal occasion like JFW, I had to wear 4 pieces of clothing underneath the dress! It doesn’t necessarily has to be 4 pieces, just that the inner dress that came along with the tulle dress is still pretty much see-through. In addition to cover up the sheerness of the dress, a soft dusty pink cropped sweater was worn on top.

Another thing that worried me most when the clothing arrived, was the length of the dress. I only saw the photos of the Caucasian model wearing the dress. I am a 5′ Asian who definitely have a very different body type with general models and my ignorant side totally took over and I didn’t read the length! It’s a sudden challenge where I had to improvise on my footwear. So I searched for my soft pink-colored high wedged loafer shoe to avoid myself from mopping the floor with my dress. For convenience, I decided to wear a sling bag and wore it across my body. To my bag, I added my signature twist to it; a twilly scarf!

Pink Sunnies : Karamata

White Tulle Dress : Berry Benka

Pink Sweater : Stradivarius

Shoes : Local Brand Hong Kong – Hong Kong

Pink Sling Bag : Michael Kors

Twilly Scarf : Sca’s

Pinky makeup all the way on my face. Pink blush, pink lips, pink eyeshadow everything. A bit of highlights here and there and applied eyeliner to define my eyes and fake lashes for drama. Lastly, I wore a sunnies on top of my head. Oh, and it’s pink too.

What do you think of thie result of mixing and matching with this tulle dress? I don’t look like a princess about to marry my prince charming, right? Or do I? Lol.


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