What do you think of wearing the same color from head to toe? Plain? Boring?

Well let me tell you something. You can actually execute it greatly!

Being smart in choosing outfits to be mixed into one whole cohesive look is the key to look fashionable. Sometimes minimal, though less, is more. For the fifth of Jakarta Fashion Week, I purposely intended to look laid back and relaxed. Pretty much inspired and as well embracing the all “natural” trend, I decided to go all nude tones for my look from top to bottom. Some may doubt, since it might not stand me out from the crowd. You can put emphasis not only on colors, but also on constructions.

Circular flounce definitely adds volume to body. But volume also draws attention. I picked a top with circular flounce on the sleeves and bodice to match with my linen pegged pants. Rather than tying a knot on from my belt, on the center of the pants, I gave it a twist to style the belt differently. For my case, the belt didn’t function as a tightener, as the pants itself already fits me perfectly. So the belt was only for a decoration. After thinking of ways to style it, I chose to leave one end hanging longer, and one end shorter on the side. This simple method actually makes a significant difference to the end result and makes it look nicer. Try it out sometimes!

For the accessories, I picked a cream color small sling bag. Good thing about this bag is that even if it seems small, it can actually contain a lot of things inside since the width is pretty big. I also added a gold watch from Daniel Wellington to my wrist. It makes the final look slightly more formal and less casual. For the shoes, I tried to be convenient for the whole day so I went for a cream pointed mules. Mules are a huge hit currently and you should definitely add it to your footwear collection! Not only it is amazingly comfortable, it is also fashionable. So it will make you fashionable effortlessly.

Peplum Top : Her Vogue

Pegged Pants : Eclair Collection

Watch : Daniel Wellington

Pointed Mules : Amazara

Sling Bag : Local Brand Indonesia – Indonesia

My makeup looked warm overall. Not using so much blush for my cheeks, I let it be as it is, just contouring the sides a bit. Eye makeup was brown with a hint of gold for the eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, and faux eyelashes. Even for my lips, I went for the less pink and darker colored one.


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