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Seventies have been a huge influential era for women’s liberation, especially to be free to wear whatever they wanted to. There was a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other. Some fashion people love this era for its endless creativity at times, even leading to little craziness. Still, the seventies style is much appreciated for it became a means of expressing the individuality of a person, her unique vision of style and creativity.

Women had developed a taste for short skirts and regarded themselves as more youthful in it. Skirt with a line of buttons that could be easily left undone were very desired. Still very much continuing the sixties trends, they still often wear striped tops just like they did in the sixties as a form of rebellion. Denim market completely exploded in the 1970s, that declared jeans as the ultimate casual wear ensemble.

 As always, the cycle of fashion comes and go. The trends that once bloomed in 1970s just came back recently and it made a huge statement. To embark myself into this trend, I cloaked myself in knitted multicolor stripes crop-top. Knits were booming in the 70s due to the happening of oil crisis.

As for the bottom, I wore a high-waisted mini suede skirt in gingerbread color with side lace. Suede fabric plays an important role in the ‘70s style too, being used to create bags, shoes and clothing. A simple and easy tip to replicate a seventies look, is to wear high waists. High waists jeans, pants, skirt, anything. On top of these set, I wore a waist-length denim jacket too and wrapped it on my shoulders like a cape. If there was anything that screamed seventies so much, it would be denims.

For the accessories, I chose a gold big hoop as the earring. To put my stuffs in, I picked a synthetic leather sling bag in the same color as my skirt and tied a twilly scarf on it just to add another statement and support the stripes pattern going on in my look. As for the footwear, mules was definitely my go-to. Comfortable, great design, what else do I need? ( Well, perhaps a bit of a heel to it )

Hoop Earrings : Your Little Things

Knit Stripes Top : Factorie

Suede Skirt : Malaysian Local Brand – Malaysia

Denim Jacket : Hong Kong Local Brand – Hong Kong

Sling Bag : Stradivarius

Twilly Scarf : Sca’s

Mules : Amazara

Makeup look was heading to dark brown and gold colors, to compensate my dark yet warm look. Colored my lids with multiple shades of brown and a hint of gold with black at the sides. Added a fake lashes to give extra drama. Eyebrows and lips were darkened to give extra sense of a rebellion.

According to a recent poll on instagram, shockingly, I look better in this rebellious girl style than my usual sweet girly style! Thoughts on it?



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