Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum

The most effective skincare to keep my face flawless so far? Definitely Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Serum. Tried this product around last year for the first time. Back then I was clueless of this, so I just gave it a shot and hoped for the best. To my surprise after using it routinely, my skin was at its best during the days of usage.

This innovation from Lancome is a fast-acting anti-aging skin serum that instantly makes skin feel hydrated, smooth and soft, revealing more radiant skin in as little as seven-days. Some of the noticeable key signs of youth appear improved: radiance, fine lines, face firming, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture.

It showed visible result in just 7 days to me as what was claimed. Giving my skin a smoother look & get rid of my dullness. In terms of face firming, fine lines and uneven skin tone, I think would be seemingly visible in the long run. The light weight, fast-absorbing texture amazes me! Works best in keeping my face literally problem-free. Absolutely loving it the innovation! Can’t wait to keep my skin at its healthiest condition again with another bottle to finish.


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