KOSÉ Cosmeport Gathering

It was a lovely gathering of beauty enthusiasts last Thursday at Harlequin Bistro Kemang, arranged by KOSÉ Cosmeport. We gained new beauty knowledges we’ve just learned from the professionals.

As the event was pretty casual, we got to decorate cookies! It was somewhat quite pressuring to paint on the cookies with watercolor colorings, but at least I learned a new skill.

Our tummies were also spoiled by enticing French hors d’oeuvre like Beignets, Eclairs and Mini Sandwiches.

Excitingly, I got a prize for winning the best Instagram post. The event went really well and all of us had an amazing time.

Back to talking about KOSÉ Cosmeport, the brand itself has been established for 31 years. They provide a wide variety of products, ranging from skin care, body care, hair care, makeup to facial wash/cleansing for both men and women. The products that were introduced to us the other day was CLEAR TURN masks. For 8 years in a row, these masks have been a number one selling products in the sheet mask category. Aware of different skin issues, they create sheet masks that’s made of a sumptuous blend of popular beautifying ingredients, thus resulting in high demands. The line-up includes individually packaged products with special benefits/sensations as well as bulk packages for everyday use. All of the products are very practical, efficient as well as nutrifying the skin. With only five to ten-minute intensive care treatment, you’ll feel a relaxing experience and the amazing effect on the skin immediately after use.

In total, they launched 3 different mask series;

1. CLEAR TURN White Mask Series

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These sheet masks contain beauty lotion essence that helps moisture the skin, and suitable for daily usage.


Rich in Vitamin C for antioxidants and Amino Acid to maintain our skin’s health & keep the glow.


Rich in Collagen to help moisten and tighten skin, completed with Vitamin B5 to lighten the skin.


Rich in Hyaluronic Acid to help moisten skin and Vitamin B5 to brighten the skin.

2. CLEAR TURN Precious Series

Formulated with 3 different oils ( Virgin Coconut, Argan and Baobab Oil ) and other essentials that contributes in moistening the skin. These masks help our skin to feel as smooth as babies’!

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Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure, Amino Acid and Glycerin to keep the skin moist.


Rich in Collagen, Honey, Amino Acid and Glycerin to keep the skin moisturized.


Rich in Vitamin C for antioxidants, Amino Acid and Glycerin to hep moisturize the skin.

3. CLEAR TURN Princess Veil Series

Now these series are my favorite, because unlike the other 2 series, the Princess Veil Masks are lightly scented. I love smelling nice scents since it helps me in relaxing and really escalate the experience. Each sheet mask is considered as All in 1 Mask because it also functions as a Lotion, Emultion, Beauty Essence and Cream.

CLEAR TURN Princess Veil Rich Moist Mask

Completed with Hyaluronic Acid, Lychee Honey, Lipidure, Collagen, Amino Acid and Hot Spring Water to moisten and smoothen skin. Aside from that, the Fermented Soy Milk inside also functions to tighten pores.

CLEAR TURN Princess Veil Pure White Mask

Completed with Vitamin C along with Coix Seed Extract to brighten the skin tone. The fermented Soy milk and HA also help in tightening pores. Lipidure, Collagen, Amino Acid and Hot Spring Water to moisten and smoothen skin.

CLEAR TURN Princess Veil AG Mask

Completed with Collagen and Elastin to tighten the skin. Also packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Sesame Oil as anti-aging agents. To moisten, it’s also rich in C0Q10, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycerin too.

CLEAR TURN Princess Veil Morning Skincare Mask

Completed with Artichoke Essence Malic Acid to clear out dead skin cells. This can be used for as brief as 60 seconds only.What I personally love from this mask is its super thin tissue that blends instantly with the skin. As an interestingly unique fact, these masks could be soaked in warm water ( along with the packaging ) if you fancy, for better masking experience. If you’re interested to try ( which I do really sincerely recommend ), you can try purchasing it at Watsons, Guardians or Natural Farm website.


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