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It’s amazing how we see local brands growing in Indonesia, and slowly starting to compete head-to-head with international brands. This can be seen especially in the skincare & beauty industry. Local brands are really stepping up their game in developing innovative products to be enjoyed by customers. One brand I can surely mention the quality is Joylab. Have you ever heard of this brand or even tried it? If you haven’t, there’s an INTERESTING DEAL that I’ll insert at the end of the blogpost!

Joylab is a skincare and skin-enhancer makeup brand whose image is all about positivity with a belief that all kind of JOY sparks from within. To have a happy heart and generous smile. Cleanliness and simplicity are the two main focus they always want deliver to the public. They are very aware of how one’s skin must be treated so dearly. That’s why they use the ingredients that are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free. This allows people even with sensitive skin to use their products. Clean and Simple can also be seen in their packaging. Using pastel soft colors, and simple packaging to ensure the products arrive safely and in perfect condition for you to enjoy.

This brand might be considered as new, but you can trust me on the quality and the professionalism. They have a clear vision to motivate ladies to be inspirational and feel beautiful in their own skin. Joylab is passionate in empowering women make an impact from their own beauty. They also aim to always come up with products that are trending globally.

Lucky me to be able to receive their bag of joy, consisting of nourishing and hydrating daily essentials. And below I’m listing their current products;


This cleansing water will save you on those days you need to double-cleanse but you can’t bring yourself to do it, since it has an All-in-One formula. Coconut Acid and Tea Tree Oil help remove makeup and impurities. So the skin will be left clean, fresh, hydrated and revitalized.


This one really works wonders! It dissolves impurities while cleansing and hydrating your skin. With a blend of Mineral Oil and Witch Hazel Extract to gently remove makeup including those that are waterproof. Deeply cleanses inside the pores, leaves the skin cleansed, soft, supple, smooth and feeling uplifted!


I knew since the first time I opened the bag, this is the one I need the most. This cream is claimed to make eyes look youthful again! Thanks to the blend of Viscosity Boosting Agent such as Paraffin and Glyceryl Stearate for a faster result in hydrating, replenishing, and reducing eyebag and dark circles along with its puffiness.


Now talking about a global trend; holographic and dreamy. They launched these Disco Lip Glosses in 3 shades; Galaxy ( Pink ), Moonlit ( Purple ) and Groove ( Yellow ). These will surely take your lip game to the next level, as the finish is really bomb. Translucent with light shimmer of an iridescent rainbow, this gloss will make your lips looking healthier than ever . With formula that moisturize, soften, and enchances natural lip color. I myself tend to use this one on top of my lipstick as a finish. One word; LOVE.


Super duper lightweight, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a falsies. Made of synthetic fibers that provides soft, natural-looking volume and really enchances the size of your eyes. Giving it an upsized look. Totally awesome! I love to layer the two types I got together, for a really uplifting eye look.

If you want to try this product (in which I highly recommend you to), you can insert my code “JOYLABPRS” to get a 10% discount when checking out HERE. Worth the try and I can ensure a satisfaction from you!

In the future, they have committed to keep inventing new creative products to the market, so you should visit and give them a follow on Instagram @joylabbeauty and also website!


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