Jolie 4th Anniversary

“DISCOUNT” is possibly one of my favorite word existed. In celebration of their 4th Anniversary, Jolie Clothing held an event from 1-4th March at their offline store in Plaza Indonesia. Jolie is a local brand who produces self-manufactured clothes with premium fabrics and perfect cutting. Each piece of clothing has been suited to Asian female bodies for ultimate comfiness. Fun and fresh are the two words that describe the brand in every collection they delivered.

I was lucky enough to be one of the fashion influencer invited to attend their 4th Anniversary Celebration. Their marketing strategy was honestly so brilliant. So by only purchasing a box for IDR 999k, customers can pick any clothes they want from the store, but only if it can fit into the box. So basically it’s like an all-u-can-shop clothes buffet! It’s way more than worth it, because each piece was originally worth IDR 300k-500k. By the way, don’t get them wrong, all clothes on sale were still in perfect condition.

By the time I arrived, it was around 11.30 and the store was already packed. Some of the clothes have been cleared out from the racks. Everyone was so hyped and excited to grab everything they love! Without waiting any longer, I dropped my bag and quickly strolled around the racks to check out their collections.

The store wasn’t as big, so it felt so packed and a bit hard to move from one place to another. Nonetheless, I managed to grab everything I liked and what I felt was wearable for me. As a skirt fan, was I so stoked that Jolie offered a lot of skirts in the store. I grabbed 7 skirts in total and 3 tops. And I managed to squeeze it all inside a 30x30x9 cm box!!

My look attending the event

Tweed Outer : LAUD

Top : Factorie

Skirt : No brand

Bag : No brand ( a gift )

Wedges : Staccato

Can’t wait to share my OOTDs in Jolie, so stay tuned on my blog and instagram if you’re curious!


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