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I bet most of you must’ve known already about this adorable character from a Japanese sweets brand. Yes, Peko the girl with straight cut bangs, 2 ribbon-tied side ponytails, chubby round face and tongue out in the corner. Exciting news, Holika Holika is doing a collaboration with Peko and as a result, these adorable beauty products are born!

Holika Holika has always been known for its unique and fun characteristics. This Korean beauty brand was created in 2010. Holika Holika always strives to provide beauty products that are enticing and high in quality to make all enthusiasts addicted, since the name itself comes from the English word “-holic” and Korean word “holida” that means temptation. So this time, collaborating with Peko, Holika Holika Indonesia combine the beauty of makeup with the sweetness of candy for a fun makeup experience. Makeup can be fun and it is fun! 

The moment I stepped inside the room, I was literally out of words! All cute EVERYTHING layed out perfectly on the table. With the theme “The Sweet World of Peko”, the event was held at Gastromaquia on 15th November. On the day of the event itself are the products firstly launched in Indonesia. All high-pitched girly shrieks filled up the room after tearing up the plastic wrap! We all just cannot stand the cuteness. 

In this special collection, there are in total of 8 beauty products, 2 skincare products and 5 beauty accessories products all packed adorably in food and drink wrappings. Ranging from Hard Cover Cushions, No Sebum Pact, Water Drop Tint Bomb, Melty Jelly Lip Balm, Melty Jelly Blusher, Melty Jelly Luminizer, Peko Bun Puff, Eye Shadow Pallete, Peko Hand Cream, Peko Oil Paper, dan Pure Essence Jelly Mask Sheet, all wrapped in a playful wrappings!

At the event, we merrily unwrapped together and it was the Fresh Special Set in Yellow. For this edition, there are 8 products inside. 2 types of cushion with hard covers (Glow & Semi Matte), Lip Balm, Lip Tint, Luminizer, Blusher, Hand Cream and Eyeshadow Palette. Their cushions give different benefits, with the Glow Cushion giving moisture and glow up to 24 hours, while Perfect Cushion ( Semi Matte ) gives a matte look up to 24 hours and is waterproof. The thing I noticed, their Blusher and Luminizer is wet, rather than powder-dry. Surprisingly, not only the package looks tantalizing, but the smell is also super sweet and milky! Beware, your brain will fool you, telling you your makeup is edible when it’s not!!

Swatch for the Eye Shadow Palette in Red
Lip Tint Swatches

At the end of the event, we had a fun activity where we create a bouquet out of cookies with Cookie Cottage. Such an interesting idea, I had a design in mind, but turned out to be SO DIFFICULT to make!! I was so stressed out, because the heat was real too that day. So much respect to all florists out there, wow.

To all lovers of cute stuffs, I encourage you to not miss this special collaboration as it brings pure joy, happiness and a whole new cheerful makeup experience! You can purchase it a Holika Holika website and Holika Holika Official Store at Tokopedia. Price ranges from Rp. 32,000 until Rp. 328,000 per product. For sets, the price starts from Rp. 200,000 until Rp. 800,000. They are having promotions as well at Tokopedia, so make sure to drop by. Remember, products are limited, so consider yourself lucky once you got it!

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