A Healthy Lifestyle with Heavenly Blush

Hey everyone, back again with me, sorry for being gone for a period of time. Worry not, I’m here to talk about my current lifestyle. 3-4 years ago, I self diagnosed myself with minor Anorexia, during which time I was addicted to the idea of being skinny without thinking the importance of health instead. That time, I was exercising regularly ( even might be over-exercising ) and eating healthy food, but the portion was way less than what I should’ve consumed. I was scared to eat almost anything that has carbs, fat and sugar in it. Dairy, Meat & Poultry, White Flour, Rice, Bread, Cakes, Pastries, Egg Yolk, Stir Fries, you mention. My mind was corrupted by this idea of being skinny, calories and the number on the scale. I was constantly worrying about my body image. Therefore, I let myself starve. I couldn’t sleep at night in a certain position, because my stomach would feel weird. My tummy would rumble but I’ve gotten used to ignore it. What’s worse, was my reproduction system stopped functioning. My monthly period came to a halt for 9 months straight. Yup, it’s honestly very scary and it hit me just like that. The possibility of me of being infertile was devastating. Plus, I wouldn’t want to live a life sacrificing my happiness and health to just a size and number.

My skinniest, weighing 39-40 kg, but was totally lacking of nutrition.

After a visit to the doctor, it was an alarm for me to make a change to my diet and lifestyle. To find a balance between health and enjoying my life. Since then, I started eating more, but still try my best to consume the healthiest alternative possible. Dairy was quite scary for me, but knowing it can be beneficial for my health, I started adding it to my diet. Yogurt is a type of dairy well-known to help boost digestive system. I found it hard to find a yogurt I love since most of it doesn’t suit my liking. Some of them is too runny, some of them too sour, and some of them too sweet and tastes artificial. One day, I was recommended by a friend to try out Heavenly Blush Greek Classic Yogurt. Having a bad experience with a yogurt drink from a local brand, honestly I was skeptical at first. Runny yogurt is personally unappetizing for me because it tastes like milk and I hate cow’s milk. After having a first sip though, I was taken aback myself because surprisingly I loved it! Tastes so fresh, the consistency is perfectly thick and smooth. While the flavor is sour enough and slightly sweetened. Eating healthy just gotten easier!

Look at the perfect gloss and thickness of the yogurt! Read further below for the details.

Heavenly Blush Greek Classic Yogurt is very practical to be brought and devoured anywhere. With a lower content of sugar and carbohydrate, this drink is high in protein. This drink can be a perfect option for a healthy snack, since it’s very filling and can hold hunger for a longer time than other high calorie products. After consuming this yogurt, I realized that I didn’t get hungry as fast as I usually do. Other alternative than as a snack, I love consuming yogurt as my breakfast. Forever a breakfast fan, I love preparing my own breakfast as well as being creative with my meal. So here goes my breakfast creations with infusing Heavenly Blush Classic Greek Yogurt;

1. Greek Yogurt and Granola Bowl

When I had a lot of free time at home, I like to be quite extra with my breakfast and enjoy it slowly while watching TV. That’s why rather than just drinking the yogurt, I made a Granola Bowl. Firstly, I poured Heavenly Classic Greek Yogurt for the base. On top of the it, I then poured Granola and sprinkle a bit of Chia Seeds. A healthy, filling, full of nutritious breakfast is ready to be enjoyed!

Crunchy Oat Granola – Heavenly Blush Greek Classic Yogurt – Chia Seed

2. Pitaya Greek Yogurt

One morning, I was suddenly reminded of Frozen Pitaya Yogurt and got inspired of it. So I just cut a Dragon Fruit in half, spoon the inside and cut it to tiny bits, and mix it with Heavenly Blush Classic Greek Yogurt. Mixing it halfway ( not thoroughly ) created a marble effect which made it more pleasing to the eyes. Another optional thing you can do is to add some Granola and fold it in. Uh-may-zing.

Look at the vibrant color!

An exciting news, currently Heavenly Blush is having a competition for you to join. The lucky chosen winner gets to travel to GREECE! You just have to follow these simple steps;

1. Purchase any Heavenly Blush Products for a minimum amount of IDR 100.000 in one receipt.

2. Upload your photo with Heavenly Blush Yogurt and the receipt(s) in Instagram or Facebook. Share an interesting reason why you should win the trip, with including a hashtag #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret and tag to Instagram and Facebook @heavenlyblushyogurt.

3. Upload as many photos and stories from February 1 to May 31 2018! Lucky 30 winners will get a chance to travel to Greece ( which will be announced in July 2018 )

Wishing you good luck and enjoy the yogurt yourself to prove that I’m not talking a lie 😉

Cheers to a happier and healthier YOU!


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