Strong Women Unite!

54 years since the death of Raden Adjeng Kartini, a National Hero and Pioneer of Women Emancipation. Now, every 21st of April, we ( Indonesians ) mark the date to celebrate Kartini Day. She left us women a legacy of freedom and rights. That’s why, on 21st of April I collaborated with Strongholdz Barbell Club to join a Female-Only event they held, Kartini Workout Day. We were greeted by an Ice-Breaker Game full of Burpees. We should remember each other’s name along with their favorite food. If a person answered it wrong, then all of us had to do 5 Burpees. We ended up doing a lot amount of Burpees that day.

After that, the Rico Tungadi, the Trainer, divided us into 4 groups consisting of 3 people. He briefed us about the workouts we’re going to do. There’s going to be 2 sets, in which each lasted for 20 minutes. Each members had to collect as many cards to burn as many calories as possible by doing different crossfit movements. The movements varied from Burpees, Squats with Dumbbells, Wall Balls, Dumbbell Carry to Sled ( dragging a 40 kg weight across the room ).

When two members were busy collecting cards by accomplishing each movements, the other one had to do Cardio with Air Bike and Row Machine. It surely was intense, but we were all motivated and challenged to beat other teams and win! My closest fellas, they know I am super competitive. I always want to achieve the best in everything I do and wouldn’t want to disappoint others by losing. Therefore, although my body felt super drained and exhausted, I still pushed myself to burn more and more calories. It paid off, cause our team, Team Kartini, won the second place! Woohoo!

What I honestly like about Strongholdz Fitness Center is, unlike other fitness clubs, they emphasized on teamwork the most. Implementing CrossFit Training, they coach people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment by doing high-intensity functional movements. So ladies, you shouldn’t be afraid of High-Intensity workouts, because your body can do it, it’s your mind that sometimes discourage you. You just have to push yourself to be the better, stronger version of you!

Read published articles about this event too in Wartakota Tribun News and Berita Satu websites.


 Ruko Darwin Timur No. 11-12, Scientia Boulevard

Gading serpong, Medang, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15334

Instagram : @strongholdzteam


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