Dressing up Nude – How to Add Curves & Volume

Attending an event that I got invited to join yesterday, I planned for an outfit that’s head to toe: Nude. Nude color actually can be quite dull and boring, let alone worn by people with a very light skin tone just like me.

This color always interest me, but challenge me too at the same time, since I have to make it stand out in the crowd with the limitation of color pop. Avoiding invisibility, I have a couple of crucial tricks to make you stand out even in the dullest of color; add VOLUME and TEXTURE.

I was dolled up in a Draped Top in Nude. Drapery gives effect of depth and volume as well to the wearer. Especially when light hits the drapes, shadows will be resulted. Shadows will give another color, which is a tone deeper than the original color. It will then give a special unique touch to avoid simplicity.

With the Draped Top, I wore a Pleated Nude Tulle Skirt. Tulle is a great light fabric. It’s so fun to wear because of its lightness that it just swings side to side whenever you move. Pleats will add volume for you, thus making your body appear slightly fuller.

Now, the accessories. I know you all must be drawn to the bag I’m holding in my hand. It is absolutely the most adorable bag in my closet. Love how it’s super handy, with the perfect size that fits a LOT inside. The flower appliques are so lovely and it draws a lot of attention from people. It quickly gives a more playful, fun and quirky vibes to the whole look. Addicted with it.

This look should be an inspiration and worth to be stolen for those whose body is skinny or less curvy and wants to add more shape or look slightly bigger in size. With all the volumes, different textures and shapes, you will achieve the fullness and elegance like never before.


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