Café-Hopping on a Friday

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) is a great food & beverage district. You definitely can find whatever you want to eat! Starting from Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnam, Indonesia, you mention. PIK is also well known for cafes and restaurants with great interiors. One day is actually not enough to explore all PIK’s top picks.

Last Friday I arranged a meeting with a friend of mine, Yoel Septianto, who is an amazing photographer ( Guys do take a moment to check his instagram out!! His works are awesome! ). We had been planning to cafe hop in PIK and had selected 4 of the best and currently happening ones.

First up on the list, was Social Affair. This cafe is more like a brunch spot, their overall menu focuses more on brunch meals. Last time I went there, I was too full to try out the food, so last Friday was redemption day haha! Had been eyeing on their Croissant! They offered interesting different flavors and displayed their Croissant beautifully. Unique flavors such as Cendol ( a traditional Indonesian sweet beverage ), salted egg yolk, Thai Milk Tea, Ube ( Purple Yam ), PB&J, and a bunch more. It was a dilemma picking between PB&J and Salted egg yolk since I love both flavors, but ended up with Salted egg yolk. Didn’t make a wrong choice because the croissant tasted soooo good! The salted egg yolk oozed so beautifully from the center of the croissant. Ordered a cup of hot Earl Grey tea to balance the sweetness of the pastry. The place was very cozy as well, suitable for you brunch and photography lovers!

Messy looking Croissants with generous toppings, just the way I like it!
Croissant and a cup of tea
The golden salted egg yolk is totally a #FOODPORN
Check out all these interesting unique flavors!
A glimpse of the cafe’s interior look

After our breakfast, off we went to Bo&Bun. The restaurant was only two buildings away. The place was very beautifully decorated, which was the main reason I went there. Part of the brick wall was covered with plant and their hanging lamp was very aesthetic. It had carvings in each one of the lamp cage, somehow giving it a moroccan touch. Because I was still full for another heavy meal, I intended to just eat the light bites. After quite some time looking at the menu, I finally ordered their Fresh Vietnamese spring roll and shared it with my friend. It was good, the peanut sauce definitely got me. I’m a huge nut lover btw. #NUTSforNUTS

Look at how fresh the dish look
Don’t mind the way I hold the chopstick, I just never could hold a chopstick properly #letsbehonest

Mesmerized by their design composition and attention to details

Didn’t spend too much time there, we continued to the third destination, Toby’s Estate. This particular restaurant is very happening in PIK. I wanted to try out their coffee because it’s one of their specialty. Best thing that caught my attention from the first time was their coffee menu came with the description for each drink. How thoughtful was it for people like me, who love drinking coffee but never really remember the composition of each coffee. Oops. I oftenly ordered Cappuccino, but I dislike foam, so I went for a Latte ( thinner layer of foam ). It tasted pretty good, even though I’ve tried better coffee before. Perhaps it’s because I drank it a bit late, so it got a bit cold already. The feel of the restaurant was lovely and comfortable. The 2 most standout spots in the restaurant are a rack on the wall displaying variants of coffee and also a bar serving coffee and light snacks.

Unique coffee beans displayed on the shelf
Pretty looking Latte
Isn’t this shot amazing?! ( Taken by Yoel Septianto )

Because we only had about an hour left, we quickly left for the last stop, Monkey Tail Cafe. The cafe was quite hidden behind other stores, but is quite recognizable from the front. From the exterior, I assumed they infuse Japanese element to the cafe. With light wood and light concrete grey walls, the cafe felt very cozy and homey. On the second floor, there’s a small “outdoor” area. I guess they created it for smoking area, but the place was pleasingly photogenic. The whole cafe was bright of the natural daylight. I fall in love with cafes with natural lightings. Since we haven’t eaten a proper lunch, we ordered a portion of Aglio Olio Spaghetti and shared it. Food was okay, although a bit on the bland side. But this cafe is perfect for OOTD pictures!

Can’t wait to dig in!
Behind every good pics of me, there’s a great photographer. lol
Japanese vibes exterior

On the way home, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of having a gelato. There’s this best gelato shop at PIK named Latteria. I passed the shop on the way back home so I was tempted me to have a cone of gelato, because why not? They serve lots of different flavors daily, so what you find today, you may not find it tomorrow. I actually was aiming to get their best flavor; birthday cake. Too bad they weren’t serving it when I got there. So after a bit of testing here and there ( before ordering your flavor, you are free to taste the flavors you want to try! ), I picked Lime and Salted Caramel & White Chocolate. Both flavors shockingly came so well together since the Lime is very fresh and sour, whilst the Salted Caramel & White Chocolate was very sweet and quite heavy.

SO hard picking 2 out of all these flavors
TA-DA! The decision was made.

I’ll see you guys on the next post, until then!

P.S. Some photos were taken by Yoel Septianto, so credit to him!


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