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Great news for all Indonesia-based beauty and makeup enthusiasts out there! Barry M has finally set its foot in Indonesia! Barry M is a British cult cosmetics founded by Barry Mero in 1982, in which more than 60% of its products are manufactured in the UK. This brand is known for the high qualified products, 100% vegetarian, affordable price and cruelty-free. By cruelty-free, it means that they never had their products tested on animals and have never even used any ingredients sourced from animals. All Barry M products have been listed at BPOM RI ( Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan Republik Indonesia ), so must say that it’s absolutely safe to use. The products Barry M offers varied from nail paint, foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip paint, and many more. Providing so many options for customers to be able to follow the trend and explore their creativity to result in different makeup looks. Be it daily looks, or even for special occasions.

In this opportunity, I got to try out 3 of their eyeshadow palettes;





With a selection of 10 cool and warm colors, all of the colors have a matte finish. They are highly pigmented too, especially the vibrant mustard yellow and red ones, popping out in just one swatch. That’s why the two are my favorites, because I don’t often see these colors in the market. Some colors are so light and delicate, but pigmentation is really buildable. That’s why I’m advising to use primers because it’ll enhance the colors better. Barry M’s Fall In Love Palette is the ultimate combination of earthy and sunset hues. This palette reminds me of autumn season too!



AfterlightImage 2.jpg

Time to indulge in the warmth and richness of the Deluxe Metals eyeshadow palette. Comes in 10 smooth and blendable shades, these shimmery pigments will have you looking gilded glam! I personally love this one the most as the colors are all my go-to daily shades when it comes to coloring my eyelids. This palette allows me to create a sweet look with a hint of rock and roll glam, all thanks to the luxurious metallic finish. Personally, I love a bit of metallic shine. It really brightens my eyes and gives a more youthful look. Making my eyes become the center of attention because it’s also the window to the soul!


AfterlightImage 3.jpg

The most unique out of all 3, I think this palette is a great investment. Trust me, there would be days you’ll need to create a unique festive look for concerts or parties, or simply just feeling extra at the particular moment. With dynamic, light reflecting duochrome and metallic shades, Barry M’s Meteor Storm eyeshadow palette has 8 luxurious, highly pigmented hues. Radiant on their own, resulting in different colors in different angles and lighting. SIMPLY MAGICAL! The shades also work stunningly layered together for an infinite variety of mystical space looks. A multi-dimensional palette that will take you from darkness to vibrance and intense in just seconds!

Without Flash
With Camera Flash

Another thing that amazes me is simply their packaging. I must say I’m impressed of how lightweight each palette is even though it comes with a mirror. For price, these products are priced at 125.000 ( Fall In Love & Deluxe Metals ) – 175.000 ( Meteor Storm ). You can find Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes at Guardian stores.

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