Ariul : 7 Days Mask

I’ve got a special announcement to make, Ariul’s best-selling 7 Days Mask from Korea that is sold every 8 seconds is now here!! Yes, it is now available at Sociolla to be purchased and I just couldn’t be happier!

Brand Ambassadors; Billy Davidson & Patricia Devina

On the launching day, we got the chance to explore MotoMoto, an art museum located in BSD. The museum was huge and filled with creative installations made by local artists. Ariul has a similar image to the museum, since this brand is all about being youthful and fun!

At the event, I was taught how to make mocktails too, isn’t that interesting?? My creation was Pomegranate flavored Mocktail with Chia Seeds, Fresh Strawberries and Pomegranate, Mint Leaves and Slices of Lemon & Lime. And look at the floatie too! TOO CUTE.

When I received the PR kit at the event, I was surprised by the size of it. It was really humongous! I was totally in love with the whole idea and packaging, because inside I could see 7 doors that symbolizes 7 days. And inside each door is a mask with different main ingredients to be worn from Monday to Sunday.

“From Monday to Sunday? That means putting on sheet mask 7 days a week? is that okay for your skin?” Yes, yess, and YESSS!! These masks are made of 100% natural ingredients with 4 FREE formulation; Paraben free, Mineral Oil free, TEA free and Artifical Color free. To add it, all these masks are suitable for any skin types from the most sensitive one to redness and dry skin due to stressful modern environment. Mask’s Tencel sheet sourced from Eucalyptus tree, can hold incredible amount of essence with no dripping.

Be the 7 natural main ingredients that they highlight are; Bamboo Water ( Hydrating & Moisturizing ), Aloe ( Calming & Soothing ), Pomegranate ( Firming & Radiating ), Tea Tree ( Clearing & Purifying ), Avocado ( Nutrient Protection ), Lemon ( Brightening & Smoothing ), and Green Tea ( Sebum Control & Peeling ).

I am personally the sheet mask kind of person. I don’t really have much leisure time to prepare and apply on cream masks. It’s too much work for me in my opinion. While putting on sheet mask requires 0 effort and with Ariul, 10-20 minutes are enough to get your skin refreshed and nutrified. Ariul masks are simple and ready to use on the go. Sneak it in between your tight schedules and your skin will thank you!

Ariul has won some major awards respectively in the past 3 years. In 2017, Ariul won Korean Beauty Brand Grand Prize. The following year, it won Korean Brand Preference Top 1. This year, it won the award for ‘Natural Cosmetics’ of 2019! Without any hesitation, Ariul should be on top of your list when it comes to sheet mask as the price is VERY AFFORDABLE as well ( below IDR 20.000! ). Check it here to be redirected to Sociolla if you don’t believe me!


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