Am I a Feminist?

I don’t define myself as a feminist. When I hear the word Feminism, immediately my brain refers to something politic-related. About advocacy, theories, beliefs and doctrines. It’s often associated with strong, forceful and angry women who do campaigns and demonstrations in the streets. Many people believes its end goal is to rule the world and put men down because they hate men.

Just in case you don’t know the definition of feminism, it is;

“The belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or set the activities intended to achieve this state.”

as written in Cambridge Dictionary.

Basically at its core it’s all about the equality of sexes. So many people have arguments regarding this topic, since men and women are created differently. Our bodies are different, our physical abilities are mostly different too, so that’s why equality shouldn’t be possible and is not right.

Yet “same” doesn’t mean “equal”, so it’s a thing that needs to be highlighted. True that in terms of physical forms, men and women are not the same, but look all those strong women out there who are capable of accomplishing great things. Having strong muscles, succeeding in the business industry, sitting in high positions in politics, and even being a president. The issue here is actually about equal rights and equal access to opportunities.

Feminism at its core is about choice. Feminists can wear whatever they want. If we cannot choose freely how to behave, speak, act and present ourselves, then we’re moving backwards. I just don’t define nor classify myself in a group or a political ideology. Although I strongly agree in gender equality between both men and women that we should be equal to get a career/work, opportunities, freedom and rights.

What I intend and aim from this, is to bring women together, empower and to take a brave stand for it. In a way that feels right, in our lives and in our sphere of influence. Discrimination isn’t right, and we are all human beings that can make our own choices. If something feels right for you, then GO FOR IT! We are strong, we are capable. We have to believe in ourselves, that we can make positive impacts, and we should!

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