Autumn season was occurring on September in LA. Therefore I prepared outfits that suit the warm weather. Comfortable clothes in lightweight fabrics were the ultimate go-to. Since I really love plain tops and I brought quite a lot of it, I styled it with accessories like twilly scarves that I designed myself.

In this post I will be sharing the top 3 higlights of my outfit looks throughout the trip (other days I stayed at home, worked and too busy with the colleagues and didn’t take an appropriate picture). In addition, I will share some interesting OOTD and instagrammable spots I discovered in LA.

Long flight hours always call for comfortable clothes. So on the first day I went all black and white monochromatic with my look. My ripped denim pants were as comfortable as it can get with the elastic waist band. I paired it up with a black top with circular sleeves. Choosing mules was the perfect decision for an airplane ride. It functions similarly like a slipper somehow, just with a fancier and more fashionable design that is publicly accepted. Love love the design of the mules so much, it has a tied bow in front of it.

Black Top : Nichii

Ripped white denim pants : Local Brand Singapore – Bugis Street

Grey sling bag : Local Brand Hong Kong – Island Shopping Centre

Sunnies : Local Brand Malaysia – Berjaya Mall

Mules : Amazara

Both of these shots were snapped at the neighbourhood, Beverly Hills. Story behind the first photo was a bit hillarious because we literally only had seconds to take pics. As you can see, I was sitting in the middle of the road. More than that, it’s a cross-intersection in Beverly Hills 90210 street. However, second picture was exactly in front of our airbnb house. Love the color composition of the semi-wilted orange leaves that really highlighted autumn season! Actually, there were some cool OOTD spots I caught as I walk around Beverly Hills area.

Around the neighbourhood area at Beverly Hills

The following day we all originally intended to go to Sephora, Rodeo Drive, and a shopping mall somewhere afterwards. So I picked an outfit that was appropriate. Still monochromatic, I paired up a simple white shirt dress with pointy metallic flats and a bandana neck tie. Somehow, on the way, there’s a change in plan and we went to grab lunch at Bubba Gump, Santa Monica. Worst decision ever to wear the flats I wore, because it was made of plastic and the sand really hurt my foot. As a result, I got a lot of scratches here and there. But I tried my best to bear the pain because I didn’t bring another shoe and we still had places to visit next. Ouch.

White Shirt Dress : Geisha

Necklace : Zara

Tote Bag : Stradivarius

Shoes : Local Brand Indonesia

This shot was taken at Santa Monica Beach. That day, we were traveling to Santa Monica and Rodeo Drive. Santa Monica Pier was one of the best place to capture instagrammable pics. The place was better during sunset actually, when the skies turned pink and purple, but we only got there in the afternoon. Daylight was the best for natural lighting though, so it’s not bad at all. Besides, the streets in Santa Monica also had lots of hidden gems for OOTD spots. Unfortunately I saw the spots when I was in the car, and there’s no way to stop anywhere close by. Rodeo Drive was no doubt a really beautiful street for instagrammable pics, so almost every part of the street could potentially be a decent OOTD spot. Especially when I was there, there was this colorful open flower box in the middle of the pathway for selfies. Major credits to whoever planted the idea of creating that box!

Santa Monica Beach – Rodeo Drive – Rodeo Drive
Floral Background inside Flower Box at Rodeo Drive

Next day out, I had planned out a girls date with a couple of friends, and that day was a full day out. I thought I had to be comfortable throughout the day, so I matched a white top with huge side frills, a brown lace mini suede skirt and a white lace platform shoes. For the bag, I tied a twilly scarf to the hanger that match the tones of my outfit.

White top : Herell

Suede skirt : Local Brand Malaysia

Shoes : Local Brand Singapore – Bugis Street

Strolling around West Hollywood by walking was the possibly the best idea if you ever visit the area. One wall art we passed by really caught our eye. It was a drawing of a smiley man spreading out flowers, hearts and smiles! Utterly in awe with the artist and the beautiful message behind the drawing. Reaching Robertson Boulevard, there were so many small stores with catchy exterior designs along the street. One corner was very pretty, where there were a traffic light, road name sign, and hidden smiley drawing on the electricity box panel. Last but not least, there was this stunning plant wall exactly in front of The Ivy Restaurant. One OOTD spot you wouldn’t wanna miss.

Robertson Boulevard – Somewhere in Westwood Alley – The Ivy

The final look and also the last day in LA, I wore this super comfortable set of stripes top and denim shorts. The top was stretchy in pastel pink and pastel blue stripes, which was a very trending colors at the moment. Loved the fact that the material was nothing like basic tees, it’s pretty thick, stretchy and breathable. Also had a major crush on the denim shorts, the design was purposely over-destroyed. It’s high-waisted too, and it actually sucks the belly fat more! ( gained some vacation weight while I was there, so yeah ) For the sunnies I hung on my top, it’s a perfectly useless sunnies since it didn’t protect eyes from any kind of UV exposure. It’s just a super trending cute sunnies for photo purpose.

Stripes pastel top : Local Brand Malaysia – Berjaya Mall

Denim shorts : Yuan Clothing

Pink sunnies : Karamata

OOTD shots in this look were taken in Westfield Century City Mall and The Grove. In front of the mall, there were several tall palm trees in a line that really represents LA vibes. It was quite photogenic and great for OOTD background. Next venue was The Grove Market, which in my previous post I have shared a bit about how it’s such a nice place of great dining and shopping place with adorable stalls.

The Grove – Westfield – The Grove


Ugh I’m SO ready for another holiday. Where next??


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