Meet Me in : LOS ANGELES ( pt.2 )

The following day, I went to catch up with a friend who’s studying in Malibu. We arranged a lunch date in The Ivy Restaurant, West Hollywood. I decided to go for a walk since the restaurant was not very far from our house, just around 1 mile. Along the way, we’re intrigued by the stores we passed. Starting from endearing local boutiques to fancy fashion & lifestyle stores.

Products from Kitross store

You can easily spot The Ivy when you reached Robertson Boulevard. The place was packed and full, decorated with lovely colorful Christmas lights. It’s an outdoor concept with Italian feels. The romantic atmosphere with patio made us feel welcomed and home. We ordered Grilled Vegetable Salad, Lobster Ravioli and Linguini for the three of us. Lobster Ravioli was hands down my favorite dish. The thick marinara sauce was amazingly good and wasn’t overly thick and heavy at all. The salad tasted so fresh with the light dressing and a squeeze of lemon. The linguini was served with fresh clams, mussels, crab, scallops, shrimp and calamari, fresh tomatoes and garden basil. It was my least favorite, because I am not a fan of creamy sauce. But it’s still a great dish. All dishes worth every bucks and calories. Plus point was they gave us free cookies! And the cookies were packed with all the goodness. Crunchy and sweet, just how I like it to be. Then another surprise awaits by the time we’re exiting. Simon Cowell was right there, eating in one of the tables with his son. Gee.

Mouthwatering dishes from The Ivy Restaurant, West Hollywood

After such heavy meal, we went out to have a walk but then in front of us appeared Georgetown Cupcakes. So into the store we went and we couldn’t hold the temptation of not having one cupcake, so instead we bought 2. Yeah that’s how greedy we were. We picked Vanilla Birthday and Red Velvet. I didn’t try the Red Velvet since I don’t really like cream cheese buttercream, but the Vanilla Birthday tasted so good! It got sprinkles on top, and who on earth doesn’t like sprinkles? For some people it might be too sweet though, but since I am a hardcore sweet tooth, I gotta say I loved it.

As if a cupcake isn’t enough for dessert, we ordered an uber to Rodeo Drive to grab a frozen greek yogurt from Go Greek. The place was famous for its Frozen Greek Yogurt. Thumbs up for the free flow testing! I decided to mix original and honey flavors. For the toppings I chose peanut butter chews, unsweetened shaved coconut, mangoes and granola. Loving their frozen yogurt and topping selections! It’s better than other fro-yos I’ve tasted so far in Indonesia. Savored it til the last lick.

A piece of heaven in a paper bowl

As we only got 2 days left in LA, that night we went to walk around Hollywood Walk of Fame. We stopped at LA LA LAND Souvenir shop to get some souvenirs. Apparently I thought I wouldn’t get the chance dropping by to a souvenir shop again later on so I bought it all there. But then turned out along the street, there are stalls and stores who sell souvenirs with way cheaper price. As the night continues, the streets just got merrier and more crowded. Loud music, people talking and dancing, brought the night to life. Cosplayers dressed in famous superhero, movie characters, celebrities and famous figures were seen everywhere.

Mickey Mouse! and the cute chocolate shop

The next day, we traveled to Inglewood area. We’re quite starving by that time so we had lunch first at Panda Express. Ordered rice with vegetables and orange chicken. Orange chicken is their specialty dish so I tried it out and it was yumm! One thing I realized from the whole trip, most of the food’s portion in LA were massive. So it’s totally possible to share your food. Plus they also gave us free fortune cookies.

“A challenging and fascinating project is in your future” – Panda Express

Our first destination of the last day was Urth Caffe. There, we had the best breakfast throughout the whole trip. Eggs Salmone, Poach Di Parma, Earl Grey Tiramisu cake and Italian Cappuccino. Eggs Salmone is a toasted ancient grain sprout bread topped with lemon mascarpone, natural smoked salmon and wild arugula, and served with two soft poached eggs on top, chopped salsa verde and fresh dill. While Poach di Parma is a toasted ancient grain ciabatta, garlic truffle aioli, sautéed wild mushrooms, Prosciutto di Parma topped with soft poached eggs, wild arugala, reggiano parmesan and sage butter. Both dishes were served with sliced seasonal melon and strawberries. The Italian Cappuccino was absolutely recommended. It’s not really sweet and the froth is not as thick as the regular American. Finally the Earl Grey Tiramisu cake was heavenly. The cake was covered in crumbs and topped with a custard. The texture of the cake was very smooth and light. I could taste both the tiramisu and the tea. With no exception, all the dishes we ordered were all very appetizing. Just an exquisite breakfast and a nice cozy little restaurant.

Does this photo makes you drool? Because I am drooling over this right now

Next stop was Westfield Century City Mall. The mall is an open-air concept with a relaxing vibe. The design of the mall was very interesting and pleasant. Along the path in the property, they placed plants, seats and swings with a little fireplace. The Went there for another Sephora store since the one in Rodeo Drive ran out of a few products we were looking for. Then suddenly we spot Shake Shack! Shake Shack is a fast food restaurant best known for its burger. My colleagues ordered a burger and fries. Because I don’t like burger, I bought a milkshake instead, salted caramel flavor. Boy was it mouthwateringly tasty! I initially only wanted a sip or two, but ended up finishing ¾ of it. Worth every calories tho.

Sinful American food so on point

After a big breakfast, we set off to Westfield Century City mall again to re-visit Sephora and Urban Decay. The products there were quite significantly cheaper than the products in Indonesia. Price-wise was the same though between the offline store and the online store. Just that when purchasing online, shipping cost will be charged. We also visited some stores such as Kate Spade, Bloomingdale’s dept store, and a bunch of other lovely stores. After spending the day searching through the mall, we drove to The Grove again for the last time before flying back to Jakarta. We first had our lunch because I had been craving for the Chicken Kaboub since day one. Satisfied was the proper word to describe it. To spend time, we explored The Grove mall, it’s an outdoor mall with stores. It’s actually top rated as one of the best shopping and dining spot in Los Angeles.

The one and only Chicken Kaboub

Too bad my visit to LA was pretty short and I didn’t have time to explore all the sights and visit the famous tourism attractions, like LACMA, Beverly Hills Park, Hollywood sign, Griffith Park and Disneyland. Hopefully on my next visit to America I’ll get to check these places off from my To-Go list!


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