Meet Me in : LOS ANGELES ( pt.1 )

Earlier this month I traveled to LA with my fellow colleagues for a business purpose. We flew to the states using Philippines Airlines. We did transit in Manila though. But since the first flight from JKT-Manila was 2 hours delayed, we missed the connecting flight from Manila-LAX. Yes, such a bummer. So we stayed a night in Century Park Hotel fully sponsored by Philippines Airlines. Overall my review for Philippine Airlines is 7/10. As harsh as it sounds, it’s a pretty fair score considering the delays, nonexistence of TV (they did provide iPad, but it’s a bit uncomfortable), broken seats and bumpy rides. Food was okay, though. But we missed one day in LA, so that’s pretty sad. What cheered me up was the view from thousands of feet above the clouds. It’s the most amazing sight I’ve seen from above the clouds.

Unedited and unfiltered view from above the clouds

The time we arrived at LAX, we were greeted by the warm weather. Even though it was sunny that day, the wind was somehow cold. And all of a sudden was I surprised! I met Rich Chigga! (if you don’t know him, he’s an Indonesian rapper prodigy, famous for his first song Dat $tick)

A snap at LAX Airport – such nice breezy sunny day

As soon as we arrived to the airbnb, I was stunned. It’s a charming Spanish style house located in Prime Beverly Hills. (I didn’t take a pic of the exterior & interior but you can take a glimpse of it here https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14468453) The house was big enough for the 6 of us. I love the neighbourhood since it was very calm and quiet.The streets were quite empty and safe to walk around during daylight and even when it’s dark. Autumn in LA was pretty nice. Fallen orange leaves scattered along the streets. Autumn season in LA usually occurs in September to October.

View of Beverly Hills 90210 housing area

An advice; If you’re intending to go to LA, I would highly recommend you to rent a room/house through airbnb app. They are an amazing platform where you can look for a place to stay. You can be really amazed by the gems you can find through the app.

First meal in LA, off to The Grove Farmer’s Market we went. They have an amazing wide variety of food you can pick. Their system is somehow similar to a cafeteria/canteen. I love the concept, like a market with mini stores and stalls, each store uniquely decorate their appearance to attract customers. Had an extremely hard time to decide what I’d order, but then I decided to go for a Chicken Kaboub. They put a sample dish on the display which was very salivating so I ordered that. When the dish came out, it’s quite huge in portion size so it’s really enough for 2-3 people to finish. The food came with 2 slices of Pita bread. Chose the Eggplant & Veggie Mix and hummus for the side dishes. Food was so good and refreshing, just suits my palette so well! To add, I ordered a cold lemonade, just perfect for the sunny day.

Stalls at The Grove Food Market
Table Situation at The Grove Food Market. Refreshments!

Our house location was very close to CVS and Target as well, so most days we just went there back and forth there to grab some groceries. We bought some food for breakfast. Most mornings we just had breakfast in the house. Bought a bunch of Chobani Yogurt because it’s life!! I love it so much since it came with a selection of different flavors and toppings. I also bought some cereals, wholegrain bread, and Biscoff spread. I honestly was a newbie to Biscoff but suddenly got addicted to it. Love the crunch and the strong cookie flavor!

Next stop was Santa Monica. We drove to Santa Monica Pier to see the beach view and to have Bubba Gump. Bubba Gump is my all-time favorite comfort food restaurant. Always came back for their Pear&Berry Salad, Jenny’s Favorite Smoothies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. Pear&Berry salad, portion-wise, was huge, suitable for sharing. It had shredded charbroiled chicken, candied pecans, assorted leafy greens, and slices of pears & strawberries with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and topped with chunks of feta cheese. The smoothies was a blend of strawberries, cranberries and raspberry non-fat frozen yogurt. Tasted so fresh, sweet but not heavy at all. Their Cookie Pie was to die for. Served in a mini pan was a fresh baked thick chewy chocolate chip cookie with whip cream and vanilla ice cream, topped with peanuts and chocolate&caramel sauce. If I had a last grant before I die, I’d ask for a Bubba Gump’s Cookie Pie.

Santa Monica Pier Views

Right after spending some the afternoon in Santa Monica, we went to another must-visit place, which is Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. It’s actually a famous street in LA of top branded stores such as YSL, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Prada and others. Went there especially to visit Sephora. Spent an hour or so to beauty haul. When you go to Sephora, look for their weekly sale items. Sometimes they cut the price up to 50% off! You’ll find great deals if you’re a makeup enthusiast. Then we walked around the area for a while.

Sights from Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills


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