London Pride Parade

Here at London! Do you miss me? I’m back to blogging since I have some free time between my course breaks. In this blogpost, I’m about to discuss a “trending topic” these recent years; LGBTQ. These days some people tend to be attracted with the same gender, both genders, unsatisfied with themselves and what they’re born with, or just simply embracing their uncertainty of their sexual orientation. It was a really huge deal in the past since people weren’t as open-minded or accepting as they are now. So they covered it up and kept it as a secret. Recently though, more and more people have came out to admit to the world. And in response, countries have accepted it and brands have also supported LGBTQ. Therefore, a special event was held in London a couple of weeks ago; London Pride Parade.

What really do I think about it as a Christian Believer??

In my belief, God created men and women ( 2 genders ). And men was supposed to marry women, because that’s just how it is to have offspring. So I firmly believe in that and I love being a woman. My sexual orientation? I LOVE men. I honestly don’t have any idea how anyone can love the same gender and being attracted to them. But NO, I am not here to judge, but to LOVE them and spread positivities. I don’t exist to make judgments over people. I live with lots of LGBTQ people around me. I truly love them. They are so friendly, kind, nice, loving, caring, and most of all HILLARIOUS! So basically, I think people can do whatever they want and be whatever they want to be with the responsibility to bear any consequences in life or even after-life.

Phew, enough with the seriousness and heavy topic, I just want to celebrate!! On the 7th of July, people in London marched to celebrate Pride Parade. All week long, you can spot rainbows everywhere from buildings, stores, and even the streets. But on the seventh, it’s the main day where LGBTQ people from different bakgrounds, race, genders, age and careers gather in some areas and marched along the streets. Fun & loud music, dances, lots of sweets (!!), balloons, and everything colorful! What a fun day it was, just to be happy and embracing diversity of people and respecting each and every one with the same amount of it.

As I love to dress up to the event’s theme, I considered adding colors to my outfit that day just to embrace the rainbows. So I opt for a bright mustard midi skirt and paired it with a tee with colorful text on it. To elevate the look, I wrapped my waist with a Twilly Scarf to replace the belt and add more colors. Super festive, I know, but I’m loving it!

Sunglasses : Loosh Iwear

Bonjour Tee : Primark

Stripes Handbag : Kate Spade

Mustard Midi Skirt : Yuan Clothing

Mules : Amazara

Spread Love & Positivities, Beauties!


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