JFW is a prestigious annual event where top designers and brands showcase their creativity through their collections. For a whole week, shows were held in Senayan City Mall. Been joining it for the latest 3 years, this particular year is a pretty special one. The last 2 years, I was asked for a favour to help out in the backstage, preparing for garments and dressing up models. This year, I can actually watch all the shows, yay!

Skipped the first until the fourth day, I have just joined JFW since day 5 up to 7. My first day of JFW began from day 5. I watched a couple of shows sponsored by Epson and Serasoft. Epson presented Alex[a]lexa, DANJYO HYOJI, Jii by GLORIA AGATHA and KAMI. During the evening, Serasoft presented 8 Years of Establishment Prime by Jeffry Tan.


In this collection, they brought back the vintage vibes leisurewear to the runway. Floral & abstract patterned fabrics, bumbags, buttoned-up skirts, polo shirts, bumbags, high striped socks, laced sport shoes, denim jacket, bomber jackets, and leisure shirts. Colors of soft pink, mustard, broken white, dark blue, red and grey brought us back to reminisce the past. Loving the way they mix all the colors and patterns together to create one synchronized complete look.


Danjyo Hyoji made it up to the top this year in JFW. With a total of 5 shows, they presented their 5 different collections in this event. On the 5th day, they showcased their ultra unique menswear collection. Somehow his collection reminded me of jail. But the fun version of it! Those stripes really took me to a crazy fun prison. There’s a hip-hop mood going on with the crazy bold colors and the print. Their print was so unique, highlighting  afro, sunnies and slinky. Shoutout cause they really put up a show when all the boys came running on the runway for the finale with no background music.


Gloria Agatha is my lecturer at LaSalle College Jakarta. She taught me the basics of pattern drafting and sewing. The last 2 years, I’ve been asked by her to help in the backstage as a dresser. This year is a privilege for me to have come and watch the show itself. Jii is a quirky, fun and playful yet sophisticated brand. She always has a significant style in her collections, and always take her inspiration from nature and animals. This time, she came up with bee as the theme. Always sticking up with basic constructions, her designs always appeared clean, nice-fitted and comfortable. Interesting prints are always her significant style. Colors such as yellow, white, black and pink decorated the runway. Hats from Hummingbird looked so adorable, matched the outfits so well. Major crush on the mules in collaboration with Teresa Mutiara. I WANT TO HAVE THEM ALL!


This year, in the celebration of his 8 years of establishment in the fashion industry, Jeffry Tan brought such amazing collection to the runway. Elegant colors painted the runway to please the eyes. Sophisticated drapes fell nicely through every piece of garment. He seemed to use this one very interesting technique in multiple pieces, that made scaled texture to the clothing. In addition, the shoes were astonishing! Heeled mules with very interesting designs and colors made me want to purchase them all. I always have my eyes on interesting shoes and those shoes won my heart.


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