Hey there, lovelies!

I’ve just created a new blog (I am no longer active in shelivesbeautifully.blogspot.id) and would like to start fresh! I’ve been gone for quite some time in blogging world and have been questioning myself why I created a blog in the first place. Note that I am not boasting on anything through this platform, I just honestly wish through this online diary, I could inspire lives through my personal life journey & experiences. I know my audience is probably not broad, but in my small circle I hope I can inspire and touch some souls ❤️ 

This year has been one of my favorite from 19 years of my life. Of course it isn’t perfect and far from it. BUT my eyes have been opened to always look at the bright side in everything, which is such a wonderful and beautiful blessing! I mean there’s always (Note this : AL-WAYS) a twist in everything you face, but that’s the art of life, eh?

So far one of my motto this year is pretty cliché, which is to live my life to the fullest. But it is what it is and I am living by that motto this year. Let me tell you; it’s been amazing! Do whatever that your heart desires. Follow your dreams. Don’t worry much of the outcome, just enjoy the process although it might hurt at times. Live your life to the fullest since it could end any minute. But please also be wise cause there’s also a possibility that you could have a long long live with grandkids and great grandkids if you are blessed enough. Stay wise guys.

At the beginning of this year, I’ve set a resolution which is to let go of the things that hurt and just bare myself. I should let myself be vulnerable enough to open up and share my truest feelings. I swear if you all just speak out your feelings to people, it just set your soul free. The feeling of relieve just lift your burdens away!

To all viewers, know what you’ll expect from this blog since I am gonna be sharing mostly things about fashion, travel, food and beauty. So stick around!


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