Aqua Reflections x Sociolla

Know that feeling of getting your skin complimented by people? Well I know, and it’s such a confidence booster! With the rise of “Glass Skin” & “Glowing” term that is used by lots of people these days, it is actually a global consumer trend! More people are getting drawn to having #SkinGoals and getting more …

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Hi semua! Kali ini berbeda dari blogpost aku biasanya, karena aku akan pakai Bahasa Indonesia nih kali ini hehe. Anyway semoga semua sehat yah ditengah pandemik ini. Nah semenjak stay at home, banyak hal baru yang aku pelajari dan hobi baru juga! Diantaranya bikin content dirumah, olahraga setiap hari, dan bahkan aku semenjak dirumah aja …

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L’Oréal Matte & Fresh Sunscreen

Really excited to join Car Free Day for L’Oréal Matte & Fresh Sunscreen! Honestly my first time ever in life to join Car Free Day. I didn’t regret at all for waking up as early as 4:30 am on a Sunday. Because not just fun, the event was indeed very educational. When we arrived, a photobooth …

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A Healthy Lifestyle with Heavenly Blush

Hey everyone, back again with me, sorry for being gone for a period of time. Worry not, I’m here to talk about my current lifestyle. 3-4 years ago, I self diagnosed myself with minor Anorexia, during which time I was addicted to the idea of being skinny without thinking the importance of health instead. That …

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